Lil Yachty Trolls Drake Fans After “For All the Dogs” Album Fails to Drop

Drakes highly anticipated album, “For All the Dogs,” had fans eagerly anticipating its rumored release today.  However, as midnight came and went, the LP was conspicuously absent from streaming platforms. Lil Yachty, seizing the opportunity for some playful banter, took to social media to share his thoughts on the situation.

“Y’all stupid, nobody even said For All the Dogs was coming out tonight,” he wrote on X in the early hours of Friday morning.

As angry Drake fans flooded his post with comments, the Mabletown native later added, “Wait swear y’all on my head like dat.”

The rapper’s sentiment was reinforced in a TikTok video, where he humorously scolded fans for readily believing everything they read online.


He pointed out, “By the way, I know y’all thought For All the Dogs was coming out tonight. Joke’s on y’all because nobody ever said that it was. Gotta stop believing s**t you see on the internet.”


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Throughout the week, various reports circulated online suggesting that For All the Dogs would indeed drop on August 25. Much of this speculation seemed to originate from an Amazon Music post that seemingly leaked the release date.

As of now, the Canadian superstar has yet to officially announce a release date for the long-awaited album. Earlier in the week, he had shared the album’s cover art, a  cartoony creation by his five-year-old son, Adonis.

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