Friday, December 1, 2023
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Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Says Tupac Wouldn’t Want Keefe D in Jail

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In a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue, Napoleon, a former Outlaw rapper and artist of Tupac Shakur weighed in on the arrest of Keefe D, who has been charged with the 1996 murder of Pac. While Keefe D isn’t accused of pulling the trigger, he is the lone survivor among the individuals in the car from which the fatal shots were fired.

Napoleon believes that Keefe D’s tendency to boast about his involvement in the incident ultimately worked against him.

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“I feel like he told on himself. You gotta realize he put himself in that situation. Coming from a certain type of background that we came from, there’s some stuffs you’re supposed to take to [your grave]… He caused that on himself.”

Napoleon questions Keefe’s lack of remorse or reflection over the years, given that he’s now in his sixties, “By the time Pac passed away he was in his early 30s. You would think 30 years later the mindset of an individual would change and say you know ‘I kind of feel bad what happened to Pac, the people love him, I’m a grandfather now,’ you know what I’m saying? But he kept just going. He was loving to brag about being involved in [the] murder of Pac so he brought that on himself.”

“I think I might have seen a clip where he was bragging about how Pac… he made a joke like Pac was breakdancing or something… I guess he took the fame and the likes more precious than his freedom… Pac was 25 years old when he passed away, so 30 years later you clowning and joking how a person lost his life is definitely disrespectful,” he later added. 

Regarding Tupac’s hypothetical survival of the shooting, Napoleon shares a perspective aligned with what he believes Pac’s own stance would be. 

“If Pac survived the shooting Pac himself wouldn’t want Keefe D to go to jail. A lot of people might not understand it, but me knowing Pac, Pac ain’t gonna get no law involved because Pac understands he did something in the streets, what came back was street stuff… even when he was dying remember the cop said when he asked him who did it, Pac knew what happened, of course he just fought somebody, an hour, two hours later it’s a drive by shooting. 

He understood what that retaliation was all about and Pac still said I’m not talking so you know Pac himself wouldn’t want prison on that because Pac realize this is the life that he was living at that particular time.”

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Napoleon’s sentiments align with those of Death Row Records co-founder, Suge Knight, who was driving the BMW when he and Pac were shot. In a conversation with TMZ from prison, Suge conveyed his his refusal to implicate Keefe D in any wrongdoing and denies that Orlando Anderson, Keefe’s nephew, was the shooter.

“It was only two people in the car,” Knight said. “And Pac not finna tell the story. I ain’t finna tell the story. But I’ll tell you this: I never had nothing bad to say about Orlando [Anderson] because number one, he wasn’t the shooter. And number two, he came to my hearing and told [authorities] to let me go and told the truth. They still didn’t let me go.”

Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, was arrested for his alleged role in Tupac Shakur’s murder on September 29. A Nevada grand jury indicted Davis on one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal gang.

During the grand jury, unseen images and videos from the day of the murder were presented.

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