Sexyy Red’s New Song Preview Sparks Controversy

Rapper Sexyy Red has found herself in the midst of controversy once again following the release of a preview of her new song “Free My N-gga.” The song, which has yet to be officially released, features lyrics that many have deemed as promoting degeneracy.

In the preview, Sexyy Red can be seen in prison surrounded by makeshift inmates, passionately advocating for the release of her baby daddy. “Free my n-gga, free my n-gga, only if he knew that this ass getting thicker,” she rhymes in the song’s hook.

On social media, users have accused the ‘Pound Town’ rapper of promoting a negative and harmful lifestyle, one that could potentially influence young and impressionable listeners. Some have called for a boycott of the rapper within the Black community, while others have expressed concerns that she may be an industry plant orchestrated by the government to perpetuate harmful stereotypes about Black people.

“Aight…. Yall still runnin with the “shes just being her authentic self” or do yall see what’s happening?,” one person commented on X. 


Another person expressed concern, writing, “CIA won. Save your family & very close friends that have the capacity to be saved at this point.”

A third contributor raised suspicions, “This is the rapper Sexyy Red. She’s got to be a CIA operative. I mean what record label is pushing this trash? What purpose does this debauchery serve?”

Earlier this week, Red, who is currently pregnant, faced similar criticisms when a ballet instructor raised concerns about her young students requesting the rapper’s songs.  In the video shared online, the teacher lamented her kindergarteners for asking to hear records like “Pound Town” and “SkeeYee,” which feature explicit lyrics. “It is horrifying,” she said. “your 5-year-old daughters are asking to listen to ‘Pound Town’! And ‘SkeeYee’! Your daughters, your 5-year-old daughters are asking, ‘Can we hear ‘Pound Town?’

“I’m playing them Princess Tiana ballet music and they are asking me, ‘Can we hear ‘Pound Town’?’ I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do and I’m so scared for these little girls today because this is the most insane, insane agenda push I have ever seen in my life.”

The “Shake Yo Dreads” artist took to social media to address the issue. In an Instagram Story, she initially responded with a tongue-in-cheek comment that read, “[Girl], play [‘Pound Town,’ ‘SkeeYee,’ and shut the f-ck up].” 

She then changed her tune two-days later, writing, “I’ma make some Kidz Bop songs for y’all, [for real].”

Despite the negativity surrounding her music and personality, Sexyy Red has remained defiant, defending her creative freedom and the message of her music. She has argued that her songs are simply reflective of the realities of life and that she is not promoting any particular lifestyle.

Is Sexyy red an industry plant? 

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