Who Is Danielle? ImDontai wife — Details of their relationship and baby

We have received a lot of queries about ImDontai wife so we’re going to try and answer some of them in this blog post. Stick with us to the end. It should be worth it.

Danielle is a Twitch streamer who loves beauty, fashion, traveling and living life. She’s a pastor’s kid and naturally comes from a religious background. She has two siblings (a brother and a sister). While she likes to keep her private life undisclosed, Danielle became of public interest following her marriage to Dante Anthony Ethridge, popularly known as ImDontai.

Danielle and Dante dated for almost seven years before tying the knot in 2020. They welcomed their first child together last year. Her favorite male singer is Ty Dolla $ign and her favorite female singer is Summer Walker.

Danielle Ethridge Husband Dante Anthony Ethridge Is a YouTuber

The Twitch streamer is married to Dante Anthony Ethridge. Dante Anthony is a well-known American YouTuber known for publishing gaming videos, and reaction videos on YouTube. Dante started out making roast and reaction videos before transitioning to gaming.

After his popularity grew, ImDontai launched his second YouTube channel “ImDontai” in April 2015. He uploaded his first video, a review of the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ soon after. It contains numerous fun-filled videos, such as roasts, reactions, interviews, and movie reviews. He currently has three YouTube channels.

ImDontai and danielle baby
Photo Credit: Instagram/ImDontai

Frequently Asked Questions About ImDontai Wife Danielle Ethridge

Who is Danielle Ethridge?

Danielle is a Twitch streamer and is best recognized as the wife of ImDontai. She loves beauty, fashion, traveling and living life.

ImDontai wife Danielle

How old is ImDontai Wife?

Age details about Danielle are yet to be made public. We will update this the moment we get new information.

How tall Is ImDontai Wife?

Danielle revealed during a Q&A that Dante is taller than her by some inches.

Is Danielle married?

Danielle is a married woman and simply enjoying her married life. She is married to American YouTuber Dante Anthony Ethridge. They have been married for almost three years and are enjoying life together.

How Did Danielle and ImDontai Meet?

Danielle and ImDontai first met in middle school, but didn’t start dating till high school. Dante asked her out on Facebook and she said yes. They dated for almost nine years before Dante proposed to Danielle at his birthday. Danielle and ImDontai got married in 2020 in a private ceremony involving just 28 guests.

In a Twitch Q&A, Donte said his heart was racing the first time he saw Danielle in her wedding dress.

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