ImDontai Bio – Who Is He? Wife, Child And Age Details Of The YouTuber

ImDontai is famous on YouTube for posting funny reaction videos and gameplay walkthroughs.

ImDontai is an American YouTube personality from Norfolk, Virginia. Born Dante Anthony Ethridge on September 2, 1992, ImDontai, or Bucky like his friends call him is known for publishing gaming videos, interviews, ‘F-ck You’ series, vlogs, roasts, reactions, and movie reviews on YouTube. For the first couple of years of his life, Dante lived with his grandparents in New Jersey. He likes cartoons, writing rap lyrics, and caricatures. He is a big animal lover, and some of his influences growing up were Will Smith, Chris Tucker, and Jim Carey.

Dante attended Community college where he majored in criminal justice. He initially wanted to be a firefighter, police officer, or doctor. He eventually up dropped out of college after a few semesters and ended up working at Wendy’s.

What Is ImDontai’s Real Name?

ImDontai’s real name is Dante Anthony Ethridge.

How Old Is ImDontai?

ImDontai was born on September 2, 1992. His current age is 31. His sign is Libra. He attended Lads Down in Virginia Beach from elementary school up until high school and went to community college.


ImDontai Family

ImDontai grew up with his mother Teresa Ethridge, and his three sisters Mahogany, Monet, and Nya in Virginia. He didn’t really get a chance to know his father because his dad got locked up early in his childhood and wasn’t really pivotal in his family’s life. His mother worked as a nurse to provide for Dante and his sisters.

ImDontai Bio – Who Is He? Wife And Age Details Of The YouTuber
Dante Anthony and his mother, Teresa Ethridge

Dante was affected by not having his father in his life and often blamed himself for his disappearance. The absence of a father figure had an adverse effect on his life and he contemplated killing himself. Fortunately, YouTube gave him a reason to live.

Is ImDontai Married?

Yes, ImDontai is married. He married his longtime girlfriend Danielle in front of close family and friends in 2020. The event was streamed live on his Twitch account im_dontai.

In a Twitch Q&A, Dontai revealed he asked her out on Facebook. You can read more about Danielle’s life here.

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Photo credit: Instagram/ImDontai

ImDontai Instagram

ImDontai is on Instagram and currently has over 1 million followers on the app. He frequently posts pictures of his beautiful wife on his Instagram. Follow him @Im_Dontai.

How Tall Is ImDontai?

ImDontai revealed during a Twitch stream that he is 6foot 1inch tall.

Does ImDontai Have Kids?

ImDontai recently announced on Instagram that he and his wife Danielle welcomed their first child together.

“After losing our 1st child to a miscarriage I didn’t know if I’d ever want to try again,” he captioned a series of Instagram photos of him and his pregnant wife.

“As the internet does, people made jokes about it and tried to make us feel terrible. This was definitely the hardest few months we’ve been through, but we made it through and the baby is as healthy as can be! Through everything my wife has had my back. Dadtai,” he concluded.

YouTube Life

ImDontai launched his ‘ImDontai Gaming’ YouTube channel in 2009. He often posts content, such as gameplay videos, fun reactions, and live streams. This gaming channel currently has over 700,000 subscribers at the time of this posting.

After his popularity grew, ImDontai launched his second YouTube channel “ImDontai” in April 2015. He uploaded his first video, a review of the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ soon after. It contains numerous fun-filled videos, such as roasts, reactions, interviews, and movie reviews. This channel has also got a special ‘Fuck You’ series that is super entertaining. Having around 2.96m subscribers as of now (November 2022), the channel is sure to reach further heights in the near future.

About a year later, he opened his third YouTube channel called “ImStillDontai.” On this channel, he often posts content, such as gameplay videos, fun commentaries, and live streams. He has created numerous reaction videos in response to Vine personalities, such as Summerella, MeechOnMars, and Dope Island. Two of his most popular reaction videos are “SMH!!! I Knew It-/ Ari Really Got Her Clout & Dipped –Reaction” and “Worst DissTrack Ever | Vicky – RiceGum (Diss Track) –Reaction”.

What Is ImDontai Twitch?

ImDontai has an active Twitch account and currently has over 1.7m subscribers on the platform. Follow him at @Im_Dontai

Does ImDontai Have A Twitter Account?

ImDontai is fairly active on Twitter and currently has almost 250k subscribers on the platform. Follow him @WhoDontai

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