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Yo Gotti Offers $2M To Any Lawyer That Can Get 42 Dugg Out Of Jail

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Yo Gotti has offered to pay $2 million to any lawyer that is capable of getting his CMG artist 42 Dugg released early from prison. The “We Paid” rapper is currently serving time after pleading guilty to prison evasion in February. Although Gotti can buy himself anything, all he wants for his 42nd birthday this Friday (May 19) is to see Dugg free.

“I got 2 Million for any lawyer that can get Dugg out early! Thanks what I want for my birthday,” the Memphis rapper wrote on his Instagram stories.

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Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti/Via Instagram

Yo Gotti’s offer comes days after 42 Dugg cried for help from behind bars. In a rant shared on his Instagram Stories Tuesday (May 16), The Detroit native updated fans on his prison conditions. In the since deleted post, Dugg, 28 claimed he was due for release last year October but the feds are illegally holding him captive and have refused to file the paperwork for his release.

“Let me update y’all on what’s really going on,” Dugg began. “atl us marshalls tryna keep me from going home I supposed to get out oct 14th of last year they illegally held me without reasoning because they felt my federal judge in Detroit shouldn’t of gave me ah bond, I let that slide then after I got sentenced one of tell me he not sending me to ah prison, he gone make me do my time in ah county jail which is ten time worst, then he had the nerve to tell me he knows where I live.”

He continued: “I supposed to had court today for ah old case The us marshals then told the jail dont let me on zoom to handle the case so I can’t possibly go to the halfway house. Bruh these muthafuckas been sending all kinda guards to talk to me seeing if ima ask for something the crazy thing is they putting me on game, they telling me the marshals tryna ruin your life, they dont want you going home. They haven’t even submitted my paperwork for me to receive my out date and calculate my days, I need. The best civil lawyer in Georgia man.”

He also states he has no access to hot water to heat food and has been denied family visits.  

“Im in jail for going to the gun range, dropping dirty and failure to appear. I didn’t steal from nobody, hurt nobody, they handling me crazy. Man im in this bitch heating my food up with the water from the nasty ass shower. They dont even give us hot water to heat our food up aint no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family nothing. Im sure they gone do some more illegal shit but what I pose to die in this bitch for probation violation.”

He returned the following day (May 17) to reveal prison authorities raided his cell in the middle of the night.  

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“They raided my sh-t last night at 3am lol they taken me to war. I need johhny cochran lil cousin or sumn,” he wrote. “its on the flow in this b-tch” 

Dugg’s initial arrest dates back to 2019, when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) received a tip that he had fired a weapon at an Atlanta gun range. As a convicted felon for prior carjacking and firearms possession charges, he was not allowed to fire any weapon, and he was ultimately arrested and charged with felony firearms possession in March 2020.

In May 2021, 42 Dugg and his legal team entered plea negotiations for the gun charge, which carried a maximum sentence of 10 years. With the plea deal, he was able to avoid jail time and get away with probation. However, a judge revoked his probation soon after and slapped him with six months in jail and two years of supervised release.

42 Dugg was expected to surrender and report to a West Virginia prison in April of last year, but he never did.

42 Dugg signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label in collaboration with Lil Baby’s 4PF in 2020.

As for Yo Gotti, the self-proclaimed King of Memphis was gifted a brand new Tesla Model X SUV for his 42nd birthday by his manifested girlfriend Angela Simmons.

“I kept telling Shawty I want a Tesla on some everyday type Sh!t but I heard it takes too long to order, So She Popped Up With One. I Respect ur Gangsta,” Gotti wrote on Instagram.

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