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Young M.A says she was hospitalized for ‘several conditions’ and is on ‘road to recovery’

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Young M.A hasn’t posted on social media for a while but fans became concerned about her health after a video of the ‘OOOUUU’ rapper looking unhealthy went viral this week.

Earlier this week a video of Young M.A looking seemingly pale while getting a haircut surfaced online. Fans of the Brooklyn rapper became concerned about her health, with many speculating she may be suffering from liver disease due to the unnatural yellow coloration of her eyes.

Others called out her team for failing to look after her, and also criticized celebrity barber and Wild ‘N Out star Aaron “Fats Da Barber” Turk for sharing the video on Instagram. In his defense, Turk said he wasn’t trying to embarrass Young MA, and pointed out that she reposted the video because she hadn’t gotten a haircut in a month.

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“Y’all don’t know our bond nor our friendship what y’all need to do is just send your prayers for her and that’s that She didn’t have a haircut in a month and she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life which I did!!! thank you sis for coming and rocking with me like always love ya”

Young M.A. co-signed the defense and clarified that it’s been four months since her last haircut.

Young MA hasn’t posted on social media for a while but the 30-year-old broke her silence on Wednesday to address the viral video. In a post shared on her Instagram page, M.A revealed she had been suffering from multiple conditions and was recently hospitalized. Though she did not name what these conditions are, she assured fans that she was doing much better, and is on the road to recovery.

“As many of my supporters know I’ve been dealing with various personal health issues the last few years. I recently was hospitalized and was successfully treated for several conditions. I’m doing better now, will take some time but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future!!!”

The “OOOUUU” rapper has not put out any new music since her May 2021 album “Off The Yak.” She announced she was going to rehab in June of that year, but quickly walked back that comment.

In her Instagram post, she added that more details about her condition “will be explained in the music plus documentary.”

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