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2Pac’s Father Says ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ Was Reckless: “I Didn’t Like It”

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Illustration: Rap Aesthetics/The Art Of Dialogue/ Getty Images

In a new conversation from his interview with Art Of Dialogue, 2Pac’s father, Billy Garland, shared his thoughts about his son claiming to have had sexual relations with Biggie’s wife at the time, Faith Evans, on “Hit ‘Em Up.” According to Garland, it was “some stupid shit,” and Pac was wrong for bringing it up.

“I don’t think you should do that. I tell you he did some stupid shit, but that’s just some stupid shit, that’s that Gemini shit. And then he mad, he mad at the East Coast, so he gonna get back anyway he can, little jabs, you know how we do.”

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He went on to reveal that he hated the song and video for “Hit ‘Em Up.”

“No, I didn’t like the video. Nice beat, I loved the beat. But what the fuck are you talking about sleeping with somebody’s wife for? Who does that? But that’s part of the shit that he was in, that’s the environment, that tough guy. I’m so tough I can tell you I slept with your wife, and if you did, keep your mouth shut. Why make things worse… I didn’t like that record, I didn’t like it at all.”

He continued, “I didn’t like the content. You up here with words, you telling the truth about society, you breaking down the right and wrong of America, you telling people how to go about being real because you are real, then you’re gonna stoop to that level? That soap opera shit, that ain’t you, and don’t let dumb people take you there.”

2Pac released “Hit ‘Em Up” in 1996 as a response to Biggie allegedly dissing him on “Who Shot Ya.” The track contained jabs at Biggie, his wife Faith Evans, Diddy, and their record label, Bad Boy Entertainment.

Pac’s former Death Row label mate, Snoop Dogg recently also revealed he wasn’t a fan of the song. In a previous interview with Big Boy, the 51-year-old claimed he knew the record was going to create more problems for Pac.

“I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the shit,” Snoop said. “It wasn’t the shit to me. Like, you buying more problems, cuh. You buying problems. Gangstas are everywhere. They make ’em everywhere.”

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He added, “I think he got to the mindset that, ‘We the motherfuckas, and ain’t nobody like us.’ Always people like us everywhere.”

Elsewhere in his conversation with The Art Of Dialogue, Billy Garland said Pac’s comments about Faith Evans would’ve prevented him and Biggie from ever being friends.

“You tell the world you sleep with my wife, I don’t know if I wanna really hang with you for a little while. We gotta let things simmer down, so I don’t think so. I think outside of that, they might’ve, in time, as they both mature.”

Garland also took jabs at Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new $200 million mansion. Watch the full clip below.

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