Outlawz Rapper Napoleon Claims Snoop Dogg Never Liked 2Pac

Earlier this month Snoop Dogg sat down with Big Boy for an “Untold Stories” interview where he spoke on 2Pac’s famous 1996 diss track Hit ‘Em Up. The Long Beach rapper, now 51 admitted he wasn’t a fan of the song aimed at The Notorious B.I.G and Bad Boy Records because he knew it was going to create more problems.

“Even when he played the video for me to ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ even when he played ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ the song, I didn’t like the song. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the shit,” Snoop said. “It wasn’t the shit to me. Like, you buying more problems, cuh. You buying problems. Gangstas is everywhere. They make ’em everywhere.”

He added: “I think he got to the mindstate that, ‘We the muthafuckas, and ain’t nobody like us.’ Always people like us everywhere.”

Social media users labeled him
Scared and some called him a sell out for throwing dirt on Pac’s name. While speaking with The Art Of Dialogue, former Outlawz rapper, Napoleon echoed the statements of Twitter users and also questioned Snoop’s motives.


“For Snoop to say he never liked Hit ‘Em Up he never expressed that. You got videos of him on stage with Pac, Pac rapping Hit ‘Em Up and he’s rapping the lyrics right along with him. So, it’s strange now that all these things are coming up, and he’s saying he didn’t like Hit ‘Em Up,” said Napoleon. “And everybody have their opinion, even if he didn’t like Hit ‘Em Up back then, no problem, and he have his opinion, but that wasn’t the case. He was expressing his love for Hit ‘Em Up, he was in the studio bopping his head, he was on the stage when Pac was performing and singing the lyrics with him at the house of Blues. It’s real strange.

“Maybe some of the things that he couldn’t tell Pac face-to-face he’s able to do it in these interview, it’s sad, Napoleon continued, before adding. “If you a friend and your friend pass away, why don’t you try to remember him and spread positive stuff about him. Even if you said you didn’t like Hit ‘Em Up or even if you don’t like Hit ‘Em Up now, why bring up the negativity of these things, why not spread positivity of your friend so people can even try to remember him in a positive way.”

Nap further alleges that Snoop Dogg has always been jealous of 2Pac because the late All Eyes On Me rapper upstaged him at Death Row.

“Imagine if you the biggest star on Death Row and Pac come and take all your shine, and 25-years later Pac died then every time you do an interview that name is brought up. Maybe he’s just tryna take that shine from Pac… usually what they say what’s in the heart gon’ come out on the tongue. What you have in your heart you gon speak about it, so I guess he might have held that in for 25 years.”

“Even if that’s the case speak about your friend in a positive light, why bring up the negative things… it just doesn’t come off right.”

In his interview with Big Boy, Snoop revealed he and Pac were at odds two days before his passing due to the complimentary comments he made about Puff and Biggie.

“Man, I’d say a week before he died, we was best of friends. Two days before he died, I don’t think he liked me,” he explained. “Because we was in New York and shit had happened. New York n-ggas had shot at me and did all kinds of shit to me, just the worst shit you could think of, and I forgave ’em.

Then I went and did an interview and was asked how did I feel about Puffy and Biggie. I was like, ‘I like them n-ggas, I wanna do some music with ’em.’

“And that just rubbed cuz the wrong way, like, ‘N-gga, f-ck them n-ggas, them n-ggas tried to kill me. N-ggas shot at you, and you talking about you wanna do a song with them n-ggas?’”

He continued: “I wasn’t thinking about [2Pac’s] emotions, I was thinking about the way I felt at the time. I wasn’t into no controversy. I liked them n-ggas’ music, they was our friends, we was all friends at one point.

“There’s video footage of all of us hanging out. ‘Pac, Biggie, Puff, Suge [Knight], all of us together prior to Death Row, just on some regular shit. So that to me, I never seen myself getting involved.”

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