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Amy Richardson (Bodybuilder) Death Cause And Obituary

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Amy Richardson, a Women’s Physique competitor, dies at the age of 49 following health battle.

Women’s physique bodybuilder Amy Richardson passed away on Wednesday (January 25), 2023, at the age of 49.

Amy’s husband, Kenneth Richardson said “my life has been shattered” in a tragic Facebook post. 

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“Today my life has been shattered…..I am so so grateful for all the love & affection coming from around the world. Everyone has been asking what they can do to help me thru this heart wrenching time…here’s what you can do…..Post a picture of Amy Richardson a story, something funny, how you met her, what you loved about her, lol even if she told you, you were fat. Anything that will keep my lovely wife’s memories alive. She is one of a kind.My Rock…My heart…my soul…my love.” 

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Women’s physique bodybuilder Amy Richardson passes away at age 49. Photo Credit: Instagram

Richardson’s sponsor, CJ’s Elite Competition Suits also wrote about her death on Instagram.

“Our hearts are heavy today as we say goodbye to our Iron Sister @amyrichardson_ifbbpro_proplx2 today. She always had a big smile, a laugh and a sarcastic word. We will miss her so much! Our love and prayers go out to Amy’s family during this difficult time.”

Who was Amy Richardson?

Amy Richardson was an active Women’s Physique competitor. She experienced success in bodybuilding competitions.

Richardson competed in five events in 2022 in the Women’s Physique and Masters divisions. The season’s high point for Amy was a second-place finish in the Masters Over 40 category at the Master’s World Pro. Her ninth-place finish at the Lenda Murray Savannah Pro was her highest result in the Women’s Physique division.

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Women’s physique bodybuilder Amy Richardson passes away at age 49. Photo Credit: Instagram

Amy participated in numerous competitions throughout the 2022 season in both the Open and Masters divisions. Richardson found it difficult to compete in the Open class, but she had some excellent achievements in the Masters division by consistently placing in the top five.

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She participated in a variety of sports; in addition to bodybuilding, she was a highly accomplished professional powerlifter.

On her Instagram feed, she demonstrated a love for weightlifting and often shared photos and clips that showed her working out in the gym.

Amy Richardson Cause of Death

Richardson’s cause of death remains unknown at this time. However, her shocking death comes weeks after she revealed she caught pneumonia and the flu while in Vegas for the 2022 Olympia Weekend. She immediately acknowledged her illness after returning home from the 2022 Olympia Weekend.

“Lucky me…caught pneumonia and the flu while in Vegas….double whammy. Starting to feel a little better but lost lots of my gains…time to reset and restart. Thanks to my hubby who has been taking care of me… Merry Christmas everyone!.”

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Women’s physique bodybuilder Amy Richardson passes away at age 49. Photo Credit: Instagram

As her health worsened, Richardson then issued a new update.

“Oh great! Now I have a rash all over my body and it kinda hurts a little! Trifecta!! Hot fuckin mess!!”

Amy thanked her friends and family for the presents she got at the hospital in her final posts, which were posted four days before she passed away.

Earlier this week, Richardson told fans on Instagram that she had received antibiotics as she suffered from a “nauseating” stomach. She also shared a picture of a bunch of bright flowers that she had received from close friends. 

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