Blueface Blasts Chrisean Rock for Leaving Son Alone At 4 AM

Blueface is accusing Chrisean Rock of neglecting their newborn son at 4 AM, sparking another round of online controversy. In a now-viral video, Blue carries the baby outside early Monday morning, claiming Chrisean left him with her best friend Marsha while she ran off with new boyfriend K Sauve.

“My son ain’t got no parent at 4 in the morning,” he fumes in the video. “Nobody wanna watch him, she got Marsha watching the baby at 4 in the morning so she can what? Get some d-ck? Do a verse? F-ck a nigga? 

“All this so you can do a verse, suck some d-ck, you a booth b-tch. Our son ain’t got no parent.”

Watch the clip below.


Chrisean Rock has yet to respond to Blueface’s video, but the two broke up three months ago, and Blueface is now engaged to his baby mother and longtime girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis. Chrisean, meanwhile, has been flaunting her new relationship with rapper K Sauve. The two were recently seen making out in public.

Adding fuel to the fire, Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, warns him about a potential setup, claiming she’s seen similar situations play out before. “Y’all text my son and tell him that’s a set up I seen my friend do before,” she wrote on Instagram. “Y’all just pray.”

She further emphasizes the seriousness of the situation: “It’s a set up John you got to be smarter than this. They was all in church this morning with the devil. This is pure evil.”

Whether it’s a genuine concern for the baby’s well-being or another dramatic chapter in the Blueface-Chrisean saga, the internet is buzzing with speculation.

“I mean, Marsh is her bestie, Marsh is a damn mother herself so it seems to me that she left her baby with a babysitter that she knows and trusts. He’s more mad she’s at another mans house,” one person commented under a post of the saga shared by TheNeighborhoodTalk on Instagram. 

Another person wrote, “So the baby was in the house being babysat by a person, which is normal [by the way], and you mad so you bring the baby outside at 4am without clothes and record to prove what exactly?”
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