Blueface Claims DNA Test Shows He Is Not The Father Of Chrisean Rock’s Baby: “Thank You Jesus”

In a surprising turn of events, rapper Blueface has hinted that he might not be the biological father of Chrisean Rock‘s son, Chrisean Jr. This statement throws a curveball into their already tumultuous relationship and raises questions about the child’s paternity.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, the “Thotiana” rapper claimed he swabbed the baby without Chrisean Rock’s knowledge, and the test result came back confirming his previous suspicions that he was not the biological father. He tweeted, “I can’t even pretend like I’m not happy as hell.”

This declaration contradicts an earlier DNA test presented on their reality show, “Crazy In Love,” which confirmed Blueface as the father. It’s unclear whether this recent claim is genuine or another calculated move within their ongoing public drama.

Adding further confusion to the situation, some fans have speculated that Blueface’s tweet might refer to his daughter with fiancée Jaidyn Alexis. Jaidyn previously claimed the child wasn’t his, forcing the controversial rapper to delete all photos of his daughter from his Instagram page.


As of yet, neither Chrisean Rock nor Jaidyn Alexis have publicly responded to Blueface’s tweet. However, this revelation comes days after he went live accusing Rock of abandoning their baby son in the middle of the night.

 “It’s crazy, my son ain’t got no parent at four in the morning,” Blueface said, collecting his son from Rock’s best friend, Marsh. 

However, Rock countered with her own claims, stating that she had left the baby with her friend while she was at the studio. Rock also accused Blueface of beating up her friend, Marsh, who was babysitting the baby at the time.

UPDATE: Chrisean Rock has responded: “Yeah, we have proof. We know this is your kid. But he doing so much damage we had to make sure he wasn’t on now birth certificate.”
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