Blueface’s Mom Plans to Launch OnlyFans Account on His Birthday

Blueface‘s mom, Karlissa Saffold, has announced plans to launch an OnlyFans account on her son’s 27th birthday in January. The news comes after Blue called her a “whore” in a recent social media post.

During an Instagram Live on Saturday (November 25), Karlissa humorously acknowledged her tendency to lose track of her children’s ages and saw the OnlyFans debut as a unique birthday gift. 

“I gotta roll this out for Johnathan’s birthday,” she began. “You know I’m saying I gotta be consistent. I have to roll this OnlyFans out for my youngest child’s 27th or 26th birthday. You know I lose track — I ain’t that good of a mama. So this would be a good birthday present to roll out on January 20 I’m thinking.”

Karlissa sought assistance from followers and personal trainers, even joking about needing someone to guard against donut temptations if they moved in. 


“So whoever can help me get my body together by January 20 to roll out my OnlyFans, I would appreciate. They can get full credit for my body transformation. You gotta be willing to do it for free.”

She continued: “You might have to move in because I need somebody to watch me and make sure I don’t eat these fucking donuts. So y’all hit up the personal trainers and tell them that the mama looking for somebody to get me together. They got about six weeks to do a body transformation on me. I’m willing to do whatever it takes so that we can roll this out on January 20 for Johnathan birthday. So he can see his mama’s OnlyFans on his birthday.”

“Let’s show him how these whores do it. Ain’t that what he called me?” she added. “Show him and Dre how it’s done. Okay? Do it for the kids! I’ma do it for the kids. They wanna make jokes! We got a joke for that ass, baby. We gon’ put this OnlyFans up for them muthafuckas.

“By the time my grandkids get older, I’ma tell them it’s [my daughter] Kali. When the grandkids say who’s that, I’m say it’s Kali. Yeah honey, we about up in that kitchen winding that. Working them cucumbers.”

She then shared a screenshot of a report showing how much both Iggy Azalea and Cardi B made on OnlyFans in 2023, and asked her followers: “If you think I should start for 2024 type yes and if not type no, we don’t need all yo MF opinions and thoughts.”

See the clip below.

Last month, Blueface called his mother a “whore” after she criticized his engagement to Jaidyn Alexis. 

“My mother is a wh**e,” he claimed on X (Formerly Twitter). “[She] been married 3 times 3 kids by 3 different men [and] never married none of them men. Only random men she liked with a lot of money so she could divorce [and] take from them [and] at the end of it all she’s sleeping with a bum every night sad story [for real] could never respect her as a women.”

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