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Blueface’s Mother Walks Back Claims That Chrisean Rock & Blueface Are Cousins

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Earlier this week, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, took to her Instagram Stories to suggest that her 26-year-old son and his ‘Crazy In Love’ co-star, Chrisean Rock, are actually cousins. She pointed to the shared maiden name between Rock’s mother and her family as a potential indication. 

“I knew something was going on,” she stated. “I come to find out that Chrisean’s mama is a Dorsey. She’s a Dorsey. They’re related to me!”

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She went on to explain, “Girl, if they’re Dorseys … come on now, you know. They’re my people. All the Dorseys is related. And they all act like that. [Blueface] done had a baby with his cousin.”

However, after conducting further research, Karlissa has revised her opinion. She now believes her initial assumption about Blueface and Chrisean‘s familial connection was incorrect. Speaking with TMZ, Karlissa stated that she may have been mistaken, but she still believes a DNA test would be prudent, just to confirm.

“I did some research with my family… her mom is a Dorsey and I got a lot of Dorseys… but I did some research and it turns out maybe we’re not cousins, but we should definitely probably do like, a DNA [test] just to find out.”

On Sunday (September 3), Chrisean Rock welcomed her first child with Blueface. The “Thotiana” rapper wasn’t present for the baby’s birth as he was busy partying with his other baby mother and current girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis. Karlissa defended her son’s actions, asserting that Chrisean didn’t inform him about the birth and unexpectedly went to Maryland to have the baby.

“He had no knowledge of that. None of us had any knowledge of that… she just kind of up and went to Baltimore and that’s where she ended up having the baby when the baby’s dad is here.” 

Karlissa emphasized Blueface’s dedication as a father and stated that he genuinely wanted to be present for the birth of his newest child. She expressed her disappointment in the way Chrisean handled the situation, deeming it selfish.

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“This is really really hurting him not to be able to be there for the baby. I think it’s real selfish of [Chrisean] the way she’s going about it… do I think he’s going to be less of a dad to this Kid? Absolutely not, they know I don’t play about these kids.”

Although Karlissa wasn’t physically present at the delivery, she offered the Baddies West star  support via social media. She posted on her Instagram Stories, saying, “I’m coming to Rock! Call me if you really in labor.”

Following the birth of Chrisean Malone Jr., Blueface raised concerns about Chrisean Rock’s parenting when she was seen at the gym less than 48 hours after giving birth. He also threatened to seek custody of their son if she doesn’t prioritize his well-being.

She [is] so selfish. She’s only worried about what she wants to do instead of what’s best for the child. Twenty four [hours] later, literally. I can’t believe y’all thought a kid would change anything,” Blueface said in a since-deleted post.

He continued, “If she don’t take my son serious [and] make that her main focus [and] priority for at least 30 days, I will file for custody. You’ve been warned. My kid not finna be molested and touched on like everybody in her family, [on] dead [homies]. I don’t play them [type of] games.”

Given the ongoing tension between Blueface and Chrisean Rock, Karlissa believes that a reconciliation between the pair is unlikely.

Watch her full conversation with TMZ below. 

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