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Chrisean Rock Claims Blueface Physically Attacked Her While She Was Holding JR

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The tumultuous relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock has taken a disturbing turn, with their infant son, Chrisean Jr., caught in the middle. Both individuals went live on Instagram Thursday morning, revealing a heated argument that allegedly involved physical assault and endangered the child’s safety.

Chrisean’s claims, made on her live stream from Blueface’s driveway, paint a concerning picture. She alleges that Blueface asked her to come over  and she listened, hoping for child-caring assistance. However, the situation escalated, with Chrisean alleging Blue attacked her physically. Video footage appeared to show blood on Chrisean’s car and Blueface’s hands.

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“Tell me why I pull on a n**** Blue and because he wanna act like he wanna see his son. This n**** is socking me in my stomach, in my face, telling me ‘get out the car Pig’”.  I ain’t get out the car yet and I’m sitting here like, ‘what you on cuh?’ He must be drunk so he feeling himself. But the n**** really sucking me. I’m trying to get out the car with his son and he’s punching me while I got his son in my hand.”

Refusing to leave Blueface’s driveway, Rock told her followers that she was waiting for her brothers to come and retaliate. “This n**** getting f***** up bro.” 

Blueface presented a contrary narrative, claiming Rock arrived uninvited. He further claimed Chrisean Jr. was being transported without a car seat, raising serious concerns about the child’s well-being. Both parties presented evidence to support their claims, with Chrisean showing text messages as proof of Blueface’s invitation.

Blueface then hopped on Jaidyn Alexis’ Instagram account to throw more shots at Chrisean Rock, while threatening to beat up one of her brothers.

“Please show me where it says pull up… this weirdo shows up to my house knocking at my door   uninvited what happened to her boyfriend [KSuave]. I need yo fade to Kevin since you can’t control yah girl I need heads up.

Imagine a victim [continuously] pulling up on their abuser uninvited leaving with no wounds saying they’ve been hit every time they leave with no police report makes no sense. Clout is running dry so she keeps using me for a moment.”

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“Next time I see Petey it’s on. Put yah hands up [and] duck.” 

Though local authorities haven’t confirmed any police involvement, the incident highlights a concerning pattern of volatility surrounding the young couple and their child. Earlier in December, Blueface went live claiming he had to rescue Chrisean Jr. in the middle of the night while Chrisean was allegedly out. 

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