Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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DDG Tell Fans ‘Mind Your Business’ Amid Baby Rumors With Halle Bailey

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Rapper DDG has put an end to speculation surrounding a potential baby with his girlfriend, singer Halle Bailey. Over the weekend, rumors swirled that the couple had welcomed a child after a baby could be heard crying in the background in a new video of the family’s Christmas celebration.

On Sunday, DDG took to Snapchat to address the rumors directly. Clearly frustrated, he responded to a question about having a daughter with a firm “No.” He expressed annoyance at the intense interest in his and Halle’s personal lives, urging viewers to focus on their own well-being. “Go outside. Touch some grass, go do a cartwheel in your backyard or something,” he advised, adding, “Whatever is going on in her life or my life is not going to change yours.”

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“Let’s all focus on ourselves in 2024 and stop getting tangled up in other people’s business.”

Later in the video, he addressed a fan comment stating, “I like DDG for Halle,” with clear exasperation. “I don’t give a damn if you like me for her! What do you mean you like me for Halle, who likes you? Why do you care so much? Halle is not your daughter.”

While rumors of a newborn persist, neither DDG nor Halle has publicly confirmed these speculations. 

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