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Eminem Assists Ez Mil on New Single ‘Realest’

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Instagram/ @Ezekielmiller

Eminem and Ez Mil join forces for “Realest,” the lead single from Mil’s upcoming deluxe edition of his 2022 album, DU4LI7Y. Themed around authenticity, perseverance, and success, Ez raps about his humble beginnings and his breakthrough; “I’m on whatever you on, I ain’t gon’ talk on the phone,” referencing his phone conversation with Eminem that led to his signing. 

Eminem’s verse was a long-overdue response to his critics. The Detroit rapper addresed some of the recent internet back talk about his career, including comments by Melle Mel, where he claimed Eminem only made GOAT debates/ lists because of his skin color. 

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In his verse Eminem courageously fired back at the Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five member, stating, “When they say that I’m only top five ‘Cause I’m white, why would I be stunned? / My skin color still workin’ against me / ‘Cause second I should be to none / Being white ain’t why they put me at five / It’s why they can’t put me at one.”

Later in his verse, he takes aim at the newer generation, particularly Gen Z, who questioned his rap style. “Gen Z is actin’ like rap experts, zip up your gaps and close your mouths (Yeah) / B**ch, you ain’t been on this planet long enough to tell me how rap’s supposed to sound / Y’all need to stick to what you do best (What?) / Shootin’ schools up, Gat’ go load up rounds in your parents’ Gats and go to class and let off with the strap and go to town.”

Ez Mil, whose real name is Ezekiel Miller, first gained fame in 2021 for his viral hit “Panalo (Trap Carinosa).” He was subsequently signed to Eminem’s Shady Records and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

“Realest” is available now on all major streaming platforms. The deluxe edition of DU4LI7Y: REDUX is set to be released on August 11.

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