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Melle Mel Says Eminem Is Only Considered A Top 5 Rapper Because He’s White

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Eminem Would be Avrerage if he were Black, Melle Mel.

Rap vet Melle Mel recently stopped by The Art Of Dialogue to discuss Billboard’s 50 Greatest Rappers Of All Time list, which places him at number 48. In addition to claiming 2Pac is greater than both Jay-Z and The Notorious Biggie, the 61-year old also alleges Eminem, who entered the list at number 5 is average and is only rated because of the color of his skin.

“Obviously he’s a capable rapper. If you was talking about sales he’s sold more than anybody, if you’re talking about rhyme style, okay he got a rhyme style. But he’s white,” he said.

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“If Eminem was just another n-gga like all the rest of us, would he be top 5 on that list. When a n-gga that can rhyme just as good as him is 35,” he continued.

He goes on to boldly claim that he would have more clout than Elvis if he had a different skin tone.

“And the point is this, if I was white I’d be greater than Elvis… ‘Melle Mel is the greatest white man that has ever lived. He’s a part of the culture that changed the whole world. That is a great ass white man right there,’ But I’m not white, I’m one of the n-ggas,” he continued. “Anybody can feel how they wanna feel, if they don’t think that race plays a part in the equation of how great he is.

I heard one of the dudes that’s down with him [Royce Da 5’9] is just as good as Eminem. Why ain’t he as big as Eminem, it’s because he’s Black!” He said emphatically. “None of that shit hard to figure out. Eminem gets a top spot because he’s white.”

Like I said, If I was white they’d be comparing me to Elvis. They’d be like ‘that n-gga Melle Mel is pretty as Elvis.”

While continuing to downplay Eminem’s prowess, Melle Me revealed Busta Rhymes is the greatest rapper of all time.

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“Busta can rap just as good as Eminem. Eminem has his style, he has a nice tricky, gimmicky style. The way he puts his words together, the way he strings his words together… and I’m not going to say unique because other people could do it, but he does it. But to say that he would sell as many records if he was just another brother that’s not true. It’s just not.”

See the full clip below.

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