Metro Boomin Misses Late Mother After Album Goes No. 1: ‘I Wish You Were Here’ 

Metro Boomin earned his third number one album of his career with Heroes And Villains. The 15-track album was dedicated to his late mother Leslie Joanne Wayne who passed away in June. 

Following the album’s succesful debut atop the Billboard 200 this week. The St. Louis native took to Twitter on Monday (Dec. 12) to share a series of supportive messages his mother sent to him while he was working on the project.

In his first post which he captioned, “I wish you were here.” The text from his mother reads: “As a true fan of your music I’m even super hyped. The streets needs some Metro inspiration!”

In another text she wrote, “Man when you finish your Album everyone is going to suck it up like dry skin blessed with lotion.”


“Take your time son. When you slow down and give a beat as much time as your creativity feels a beat needs it turns into a compilation. None of them have your gifts or your patience and your dedication to a work of art. Give your best to your own. Show them you are still #1 and no shade can hide your shine. Let them shake hands with the reality of #2,” she wrote.

The rapper then shared a picture of a pendant around his neck with his mother’s face on it. He also posted a text message she sent to him when he first revealed to her he was working on his next album.

“I have absolutely no doubt that this like all of your projects that you executive produce, out do the even the great last one! You are the BEST and you always out do You… that makes You BETTER THAN THE BEAT!!,” the text reads.

“I’m crazy excited about it! Seriously I! When first you told me you were working on your albulm, as a FAN was excited,” she continued. “Remember I love you so super much as your mom but l’m also a fan of sounds put together to make cohesive and appealing music that inspires movement, thought and emotion. You collections of sounds always delivers that! You are so very smart!! You always have been! I love you so very much my Leland Tyler Wayne! My Cookie Face Forever!!”

Metro Boomin’s mother Leslie Joanne Wayne was allegedly killed by her husband on June 3. The man— who is not Metro Boomin’s father killed himself moments later. The Atlanta native mourned his mother with a post on social media describing her as “my best friend.”

“My Mom was and still is my best friend in the universe and anybody who really know me know I’ve always been a Momma’s boy my whole life,” he wrote in his Instagram stories back in August. “This don’t even feel like real life no more; it’s like a nightmare that never ends, and starts over every time I wake up.”

Metro added, “This gotta be what hell feel like ‘cause it’s like my soul just always burning and everything around me constantly burning.”

A few days ago the 29-year-old teamed up with the Steve and Marjorie Harvey foundation to launch the “Single Moms Are Superheroes” initiative that celebrates single mothers. The outreach program provides financial assistance, community resources, and access to family programming for single mothers in the greater Metro Atlanta area where Metro Boomin is now based.

The foundation’s first community event involved the super producer purchasing tickets for 26 single mothers, along with their children, to enjoy the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburg Steelers football game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sunday (Dec. 4). According to TMZ, the group had field access and got to stand next to the Falcons players during the national anthem. Metro Boomin did not attend the game because he wanted the mothers to be the focus of the event.

See Metro Boomin’s full Twitter post below.

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