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Nas Reveals He Retired From Rap More Than Once: ‘Just Never Told Y’all That’

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This week, Nas caused a buzz when he posted a cryptic video hinting at retirement. In an Instagram video shared on Friday (September 8), the Queensbridge legend suggested that his upcoming album would be “The Finale,” leaving fans eager for more details.

Fans of the illmatic rapper became even more worried when he deleted his entire Instagram feed, leaving only the teaser video visible. This move sparked a whirlwind of speculation and pleas from fans, torn between urging him to stay in the game a bit longer and trying to decipher the meaning behind “the finale.”

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Hip-Hop commentator Rob Markman chimed in, saying, “What you mean the Finale man? Nah.”

Others joined in, questioning if this signified the end of a chapter or the entire book, while some implored, “Stop playing Nas, ain’t no finale!!! Keep going.”

However, it was later confirmed that the enigmatic message wasn’t about retirement but signified the conclusion of his six-album collaboration with Hit-Boy, which kicked off with the Grammy-winning “King’s Disease” in 2020.

“I want to thank everyone for taking this ride with Hitboy and I,” Nas captioned an Instagram post announcing the imminent arrival of Magic 3. “It’s been nothing short of magical! The album drops on my birthday. Thursday 9-14 at 9pm. Forever grateful, Enjoy!! Nasir Jones.”

While the NYC icon is not retiring and is currently thriving in his second prime at 50, he reveals on his new album track “I Love This Feeling” that he’s actually stepped back from hip-hop more than once. As he eloquently puts it, “They asking if I’m ever gon’ be over rap, but I left a few times, just never told you that.”

Listen to the track below.

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Nas wrapped up his second Hit-Boy-assisted trilogy with the release of “Magic 3” on Friday, marking the conclusion of one of the most prolific partnerships in Hip-Hop. Their collaboration kicked off with the Grammy-winning “King’s Disease” in 2021, followed by the series’ second installment later that year, concluding with “Kings Disease III” in November 2022.

In a Christmas treat in 2021, Nas and Hit-Boy dropped the first Magic album, commencing their second trilogy series. They followed up with the sequel earlier this summer before delivering “Magic 3,” their sixth album in just three years.

“Nas is dropping his last Hit-Boy produced album on his 50th bday this thursday. Magic 3 [crying face emoji]. Those are tears of joy btw,” Hit-Boy wrote on X. Thank you to any and everyone who has listened and supported the movement.

Earlier this year, the Braveheart veteran disclosed that he’s been consistently in the studio, experiencing a creative surge he hasn’t felt in 20 years. Speaking to Vanity Fair in June, Nas expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m in one of these creative growth spurts. It’s something that I’m really excited about and it surprises me – but I’m not too, too surprised because I was also waiting for the day that I felt like this again, and I knew it would come.”

According to the Mass Appeal founder, “It hasn’t been this way for me for probably 20 years. I think that’s what I think today, maybe tomorrow I think about, well, actually accurately seven years, or since I’ve been really in the studio, but when it comes in my head now, it’s been that long—20 years.”

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