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T.I. Reveals Paperwork Amid Snitching Allegations

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T.I.’s alleged past as an informant became a topic of discussion this week after Boosie revealed he decided against putting out their joint album because the Atlanta rapper confessed to snitching on his cousin to beat a gun case when he was a teenager. 

“With the T.I. situation, if he did that, you a f-cking rat too. And I don’t spare nobody,” Boosie told DJ Vlad in a recent interview. “If you do anything wrong and you cooperate with law enforcement, that means you cooperating and you a rat. But I’m going to tell you like this.”

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Boosie also adds that he does not believe the story is true because T.I. never mentioned the incident during their decades-long friendship. “When I saw that. I think T.I. is lying. I think he went up there and just got to f-cking talking,” Boosie continued. “You think that something happens 17, 18 years old. How vocal he is. I’ve been around him. You think you’re going to hold it in all that damn time. Why admit to that? This what I’m saying.”

In response to Boosie calling him out, T.I. admitted the story was exaggerated and said that he has the paperwork to prove he never cooperated with the authorities. 

“The story comes from a very real place and adding some embellishments to it to fit the need discussion,” T.I. said. “Anybody who would called me and asked what happened and said ‘hey man, what’s up with this.’ Well, the case was resolved due to a motion to suppress all the evidence because of an illegal search and seizure. No need to point no finger anybody.”

Hip hop fans dismissed his comments and claimed the “My Life” rapper was trying to save face. Tip, on Thursday attempted to shut down the allegations by sharing an alleged note that proves he did not snitch on his dead cousin.

“FYI…. can’t nobody who got dey name in other people’s paperwork question me about mine!” Tip wrote on Instagram Stories. “I got it on me…we can have a paperwork party… PULL UP or [hush emoji].”

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Earlier he blasted Boosie for not clarifying with him before running to discuss the subject on the internet.

“I GOT MY PAPERWORK READY TO!!! puLL UP!!! My number the some & my address the same my n*gga.  To get on da net & speak on sh*t you’ve never spoke to me about is leaving me to believe you been hiding ya heart the whole time!!!! I’d never speak “certain disprespect” on your name/reputation bout a “IF” home … da convict code say When in doubt … pull the paperwork out,” Tip wrote on Instagram.

50 Cent caught wind of the back-n-forth between Boosie and T.I., and decided to offer extra commentary to the discussion. In a post shared on his Instagram page, the New York rapper reshared an edited video of Boosie’s Vlad interview juxtaposed alongside T.I. on the podcast as if they were in Judge Mathis’ courtroom.

“I said i got the best lawyers money can buy, they said woulda got me 10 or maybe 9, I said well how do you explain how homie breezed, They said you keep ya mouth shut or you eat the cheese. YOU SO TUFF,” Fif captioned the video.

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