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The Game Claims His 2005 Truce With 50 Cent Was Staged

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In a recent interview with Vlad TV, (posted Friday, December 15), The Game reflected on his beef with 50 Cent and their famous reconciliation in a 2005 press conference. Looking back at the time, the Compton rapper claims the truce was staged and that he was offered $1 million to do it. 

“Jimmy Lovine made us do that shit. We got paid to do that. I think I got like a million dollars to get on a private jet… I got like $2 million because they gave me [an additional] million dollars to stop saying G-Unot,” Game claimed.

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Game asserts that nothing was truly resolved between him and 50 Cent that day, hinting that their supposed peace “might’ve lasted the length of the press conference.”

“I was so angry, that’s why in the pictures you might see 50 making a lil cool smiley face, but me, I don’t think I smiled that entire time I was in New York.”

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50 Cent and The Game during 50 Cent and The Game Press Conference at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City, New York. (Photo by KMazur/WireImage for INTERSCOPE RECORDS)

The 2005 press conference, held in Harlem, was a highly anticipated event that seemingly ended the rappers’ bitter feud. Though tension crackled in the air, they shook hands, posed for photos, and even donated a combined $253,500 to the Boys Choir of Harlem.

50 was the first to address the Schomburg Center crowd, which included Reverend Run and Russell Simmons. “In the shadow of the untimely death of Biggie — today marks the anniversary of his death — we’re here today to show people we can rise above even the most difficult circumstances and together we can put negativity behind us,” he said as Game stood off to the side behind him with virtually no expression on his face.

When Game finally stepped forward, his voice held a tinge of regret as he apologized to fans, radio stations, and their label for the headlines their feud had generated. “I’m almost ashamed to have participated in the things that went on the past couple of weeks,” he said. “I’m here, I’m apologetic.

“On behalf of myself and 50, we’re making a statement that is a lot louder than just two voices,” he added. “We’re showing that you can control your destiny — not only your destiny, your future. … Not only am I gonna control mine, I’m gonna control mine in a productive and positive way.”

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Their public rift began months prior, in February 2005, with 50 publicly denouncing Game on New York radio, effectively removing him from his G-Unit label. This dramatic outburst culminated in a tense standoff at Hot 97, where Game and his entourage clashed with 50’s security, leading to gunshots being fired.

Game reflects on the incident in the same interview with VladTV, recalling he and 70 of his homies pulled up to Hot 97 to confront 50 while he was still on air. “We had like 20 yellow cabs. They won’t let us in the building, it was locked and at that time 50 was traveling with ex-marines, we just had the homies. 

“We went up there and they wouldn’t let us in so we got into some shit with his security and a lot of shots were fired… we was hiding behind trash trucks and shooting back, it was just a whole shootout outside Hot 97 that got us banned and changed the way that Hot 97 does interviews till this day.”

A member of Game’s entourage, New Jersey devil was shot that day with a bullet grazing his shoulder. “Looking back I might have done things a little different, maybe,” Game said. 

Watch the interview below.

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