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Adult Film Star, Moriah Mills Exposes Secret Affair With Zion Williamson

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Adult film actress Moriah Mills took to Twitter on Wednesday, June 7, to air out her dirty laundry with Zion Williamson after he announced that he is expecting a child with his girlfriend, Akheema.

Mills shared screenshots of conversations she had with the Pelicans star, in which he allegedly asked her to move to New Orleans and offered to pay her expenses. He also allegedly told her that he did not have a girlfriend.

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In a series of tweets, Mills, 32,  accused Williamson, 22, of cheating on her with Akheema and called him a “liar” and claimed she’s being harassed by the rapper’s soon to be baby mama. She also told Williamson to pray she’s not pregnant herself, claiming “I’m definitely late.” 

Williamson has not yet responded to Mills’ allegations.

Earlier this week, Zion Williamson revealed he and his girlfriend, Ahkeema are expecting a baby girl this November. The couple dropped a video recapping their gender reveal party with family and friends. At the conclusion, pink confetti shot through the air with a fireworks display.

Williamson also dropped a special message for his forthcoming daughter, “My baby, you’re going to see this at some point. I don’t know what the future holds, but mommy and daddy love you.”

“If you don’t know nothin’ else in this world, know that mommy and daddy love you — for life,” He added.

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