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Big Scarr’s Girlfriend Slams His Family & Friends For Using His Funeral For Clout: ‘WTF happened to privacy” 

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Big Scarr’s girlfriend, who was reportedly present at the time of his passing has reacted to the drama surrounding her late boyfriend’s funeral. 

The rapper was recently laid to rest in his hometown of Memphis, but the event was overshadowed with negativity after his friend and frequent collaborator Quezz Ruthless accused Scarr’s label boss, Gucci Mane of backtracking on his promise to pay for the burial. 

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“You say to them you finna pay for the funeral, then you lie,” said Quezz on Instagram live. “You didn’t have to lie. You ain’t have to go ghost either. It was gonna get paid for either way. You could’ve just said you ain’t have the money. You don’t get no type of respect for that, cuh … The minute that them folks called your phone to see if you gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them. That’s not real. You ain’t straight. You only trying to act all real.”

“When they texted you and asked you about Scarr’s funeral, cuh, you told them folks that Keyshia’s birthday coming up. Man, y’all rich! Y’all can celebrate her birthday any day,” he added.

Gucci’s wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir responded to the allegations against her husband by sharing receipts that confirms Gucci contributed $20k to the funeral. However, Scarr’s sister dismissed the donations as a drop in the ocean because the total costs of her brother’s funeral was $60k, and “that 10k ain’t did shit but buy obituaries and flowers.”

“I don’t give a f-ck what nobody say. Gucci ain’t help with shit… My brother’s funeral was $60k in all. It’s still f-ck him. What’s 10 to 60? What is 10k to 60?,” she added.

In her Instagram post, Scarr’s girlfriend, who goes by the name Zekearahlati on the picture sharing platform says everyone involved in the public display “failed Alex” (Big Scarr’s real name).

“Y’all really FAILED Alex as a family & friends,” she began. “Y’all aired ALL his personal business out, from the preparation to the funeral till afterwards. WTF happened to privacy?? Flexing in his jewelry like it’s yours. PUT HIS SH-T UP! He not here to put it on you so don’t wear his shit.”

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It’s clear some of her words are directed at Quezz Ruthless, who filmed a music video at the rapper’s funeral. 

“EMBARRASSING as hell. It’s only one BIG SCARR he can never be duplicated! Can’t even grieve in peace! Too much clout chasing going on! Sh-t disgusting!,” she concluded. 

In the wake of Scarr’s death, she penned. heartfelt tribute on Instagram reflecting on their time together.

“A lot of people may know “Scarr” but I knew “Alex”. The funny one, the loving one, the one who never let up! A real grandma baby. You’ll never see him with his head down!” She wrote. “This seem so surreal. I wish it was all a dream. Who would’ve thought it’ll come to this. We’ve been through it all literally. Through the good times and the bad times, I would always be right there. You were still loved at your best or worse. I’m so happy I showed you appreciation and cherished you while on earth. You were a beautiful person. No more pain and frustration, just peace.”

“That’s all you wanted. I love you,” she ended. 

Big Scarr died of drug overdose at his girlfriend’s house in Memphis, Tennessee. He was 22. 

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