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Chrisean Rock Tearfully Blasts Disingenuous Blueface: ‘You A B**ch’

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Chrisean Rock took to her Instagram live this past weekend to share her emotional struggles and relationship issues with Blueface. In the heartfelt clip, the pregnant reality star accused the Thotiana rapper of physical and emotional abuse but ultimately blamed herself for her own issues.

“I’m taking full accountability, not blaming anybody I’m just sharing a lot of TMI [too much information] because what else I can do? Get paid for my trauma?” She stated. “Now I just have to embrace it, live it, heal through it, get paid from it and just go about my day.”

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She also tearfully admitted to enabling Blueface’s unacceptable behavior, and condemned herself for not prioritizing her well-being.

“And I ain’t blaming you, that’s my fault,” she continued. “Because I was tolerating, I was making excuses for it, I was getting drunk, I was being immature I wasn’t thinking about myself, I was crashing out wasn’t feeding my mental health. That’s all on me. But the fact that you’re that type of n***a you weird youse a b**ch, everything you stand on.”

Chrisean further revealed that her current hairstyle, a quasi-skinhead, was a result of an alleged brawl with Blueface, during which he tore out her braids. This contradicts public assumption that her hair change was merely a fashion statement.

However, Blueface responded to Chrisean’s claims, asserting that she is the one who initiates physical confrontations and then uses her pregnancy as a shield. He denied the allegations of abuse and even shared DMs showing Chrisean trying to reconcile with him.

“You can’t believe her lies or the truth. Stay tune for lie detector test will let you know why she my side and Jaidyn my main,” wrote Blueface on his Instagram story. 

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Chrisean Rock and Blueface have been of public interest since Rock’s time on Blueface’s reality show Blue Girls Club. While the two never outrightly confirmed their relationship, Blue announced in January that he was breaking up with Rock. 

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“To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces…she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine,” he tweeted at the time.

Last month, Chrisean explained on twitter that she was drunk the entire time she was with Blueface. 

“I was drunk my whole time with him n it wasn’t because I love to drink it was something I needed so I’m straight around dat energy. Then wen all of a sudden I couldn’t drink no more I honestly couldn’t be around no more I couldn’t be around somebody like tht for to long sheesh,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

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Twitter/ Chrisean Rock

Rock previously revealed that her cheques from Baddies West and Zeus for Crazy In Love were going to Blueface and that he was also her booking agent for events where she performed. In another tweet, she revealed she had taken full control of her finance. 

“What’s more my speed is putting my own money in my own bank account instead of a ungrateful b**ch n***a account telling me everyday I don’t have money wen I make money. I stopped listening to a manipulator and stopped making excuses for him n started choosing Chrisean.”

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