Drake Wins Over $1M Betting on Logan Paul to Defeat Dillon Danis

Drake just won himself a payout of $1.35 million after Logan Paul defeated Dillon Danis in their boxing match on Saturday (October 14). The Canadian artist took to Instagram on Thursday to share that he had placed an $850,000 bet on Logan Paul to defeat Dillon Danis by knockout, resulting in his substantial payout.

Along with the screenshot, Drake included a caption to explain the bet, writing: “Never bet against personal vendetta and settling scores.” Paul responded to the bet on X, formerly Twitter, calling it “easy money.”

Indeed, it turned out to be just that, as Logan Paul secured an easy victory over Dillon Danis via disqualification in the sixth and final round of their exhibition boxing match at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. Although it wasn’t an outright knockout, Drake’s bet still stood, as wins by disqualification are categorized as knockout/technical knockout.

Danis, who was making his professional boxing debut, was disqualified after he tried to take Paul down with a jiu-jitsu move in the final round. The move prompted Paul to attempt to throw a hammer fist, which led to a brawl in the ring. Security quickly intervened and the fight was stopped.


While Danis has never had a boxing match, Paul has faced fellow YouTuber KSI in both an amateur and professional boxing bout, and he also went eight rounds with legendary undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

After the fight, Paul described Danis as a “dirty human being,” saying, “He’s supposed to be good at jiu-jitsu. What happened bro?

“I stopped the takedown he tired. He tried to do a Guillotine and I’m sorry I missed that hammer fist. Ooh that would have been good.

“I’m sorry it ended that way y’all. Dillon Danis truly is a coward, a dirty, dirty human being.”

Drake’s win on the fight marks a significant turn of events. In recent years, many athletes and teams supported by the Canadian artist have faced defeats in crucial games or matches. Logan Paul’s victory now suggests that Drake’s support may not have the negative impact that some might have assumed.

Is the Drake curse finally broken?

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