Icewear Vezzo Displays Motor City Pride in Anticipated ‘Live From The 6’ Album

Icewear Vezzo rose from the Detroit trenches to become a successful entrepreneur and one of his city’s most beloved rap stars. Taking a clear-eyed look at the neighborhood that helped shape who he is today, Vezzo drops Live From The 6, his new album. 

“Live From The 6” is a down-and-dirty collection of sinister street stories, alternating raw hustler’s anthems that elucidate the mindset required to escape rough circumstances with thoughtful reflections on the toll life on the streets take on those who make it out.

With an exception of a feature from DaBaby, who appears on glistening new single “Perfect” and YTB Fatt on menacing slapper “Come Outside,” Live From The 6 keeps things local, recruiting fellow 6 Mile rappers like Detroit star Babyface Ray, and Vezzo’s Iced Up Records associate Chuckie CEO, plus an army of local producers (including frequent collaborators B Wolf and Max Beats) to add soulful or sinister sounds, to fit Vezzo’s vibe. 

“Live From The 6” is available everywhere via Iced Up Records/Quality Control Music.

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