Lil Jay Responds To Alleged Video Of Him Kissing Another Inmate 

Alright, so there’s been some buzz about King Lil Jay’s sexuality lately. Some videos popped up online showing an inmate kissing another person, and people started assuming it was Lil Jay. But hold up, Lil Jay came forward to shut down those rumors expeditiously.

He took to Instagram on Tuesday (July 18) to set the record straight (no pun intended) and denied being the guy in the viral video. He was like, “Look at that s###, face, tattoos, and body don’t match, it ain’t me!” So, yeah, he’s standing up for himself and saying it’s all just a plot to “tarnish” his name, especially with all the recent allegations against King Von, whose sexuality was also called into question after a Bodycam footage emerged online of the late Grandson rapper behind bars asking to be placed in protective custody because of his sexual orientation.

This ain’t the first time Lil Jay has faced questions about his sexuality though. Back in 2022, the “Bars Of Clout 3” hitmaker made it clear in a video that he’s straight, no doubts about it.

You know, Lil Jay has had his fair share of run-ins with the law and did some time behind bars. The Chicago native was released from prison last year after serving about seven years of his 14-year bid for murder. However, life wasn’t done throwing challenges his way. Lil Jay got himself into more trouble with a domestic violence incident earlier this year. He ended up breaking his girlfriend’s jaw and even pointed a handgun at her and her mother, making terrifying threats.


To make matters worse, while in jail again, he caught pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. As if that wasn’t enough, while recovering and still weakened, he faced a violent attack from another inmate, Grieg Macon. In a desperate bid to escape, he jumped from an elevated tier, resulting in a broken leg. Now, he’s in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

It’s been a rough road for Lil Jay. 

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