Lupe Fiasco Says Drake Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar 

Lupe Fiasco has a history of questioning Kendrick Lamar’s status as a top-tier lyricist. In a recent conversation with St. Louis rapper Aye Verb on X Spaces, Lupe reignited the discussion.

While discussing the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud and their diss tracks, Lupe surprisingly favored Drake’s “Push Ups.” 

“Drake got bars … so I would give it to Drake,” he said after being asked who’s better. He acknowledged Kendrick’s overall talent but downplayed his lyrical prowess.

“I think  [Kendrick is] a great performer. I think he’s a great rapper. I think he makes great albums. I think he’s a great conceptualist. I think he’s a great mind. I think what he does for the culture is amazing. I love him to death. I do not think that he’s this amazing lyricist, though.”


Lupe emphasized his point by suggesting his own top 100 lyricists list would prioritize underground battle rappers over mainstream artists.

This isn’t the first time Lupe has made such claims. Back in 2018, he sparked controversy by tweeting, “K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist.”

“I’ll put it to you like this. K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars,” Lupe wrote in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. “His overall lyrics are good, his stories phenomenal, but punchline entendre lyrically I don’t see it.”

Lupe’s above sentiments was in response to a Twitter user who asked him if he seriously believes Logic is better than Kendrick lyrically. That question stems from a 2014 interview, in which Lupe claimed Logic, King Los and Cassidy are better lyricists than the Compton rapper.

Meanwhile, Lupe has expressed his readiness to battle any rapper in the industry. 

“Hear me clearly when I say this and I mean it from the bottom of my heart; when it comes to this art, and I quote, I will battle any motherfucking rapper. Anywhere. Any motherf***in’ time. I don’t give a f**k how many records you sold, I don’t give a f**k how many awards you have — if you want smoke, I swear on my motherf***in’ soul I will f**k you n****s. I will chew you n****s. I will f**k motherf****rs. Get wrecked n****s!”, he proclaimed during his most recent performance at Coachella

Listen to Lupe Fiasco Claim Drake Is a Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar.

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