North West Dresses Up as Kanye West’s Dropout Bear for Halloween

Kanye West‘s 10-year old daughter, North West, paid homage to her father this Halloween by dressing up as the iconic Dropout Bear from his 2007 album cover, Graduation

North’s costume was incredibly detailed and faithful to the original, featuring a massive bear head, a grey varsity jacket, and brown gloves. She even created TikToks set to tracks like “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “I Wonder,” and “American Boy.”

See the clip below.

The “Dropout Bear” is a significant figure in Kanye West’s career, serving as the mascot for his first three studio albums, including Graduation. The cover art was created by renowned Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami.


The album itself boasted some of West’s most iconic hits, including “Stronger,” “I Wonder,” and “Good Life.”

North’s “Dropout Bear” costume showcases her creative and stylish flair, adding to her repertoire of imaginative costumes. In the past, she has dressed up as everything from Princess Leia to a devil

This is not the first time North has paid homage to her father’s iconic looks. In 2022, she was photographed wearing her dad’s famed Pastelle varsity jacket to Paris Fashion Week, and earlier this year, she created an outfit inspired by Kanye’s College Dropout era while singing along to “American Boy.”

It is unclear whether North is wearing Kanye’s actual archival pieces in the clips, but there’s a possibility. Fans are loving her latest homage to her father and his legacy.

“She’s her father’s child through and through,” one person commented. Another added, “This made me smile so much. She loves her dad and his work.”

It’s worth noting that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021, and the rapper claims that he is not allowed to see his kids. 

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