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Young Buck Baffled by 50 Cent’s Ongoing Hostility: “Are You Trying To Ja-Rule Me?”

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Young Buck‘s complicated relationship with 50 Cent continues to simmer, and Buck is expressing confusion and frustration over the persistent tension. In a recent appearance on Wildride! with Steve-O, the former G-Unit rapper opened up about their rocky history and questioned 50’s seemingly relentless animosity.

“I don’t know what I did to make him want to see me not feed my children,” Buck said around the 40:45 mark of the interview, which you can watch below. “50’s his own person, but I would never wish death or wanna see him not be able to feed his family. Yeah, we had our misunderstandings — I don’t even call them beefs.”

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“But to do some of the things that he’s done in attempt to try to discredit my name, discredit me as a person, to damage my character and put out all these false narratives of different things in regards to certain craziness that I’ve went through.”

Communicating his sentiments directly to 50 Cent, Young Buck questioned the need for such hostility, given their shared history: “You rich, my man. You still doing your thing. I love your TV show Power, you know what I mean? Why are you doing this to me?! Bruh, we was once brothers. I’ve always looked at you as big brother.

“Yes, I’ve made mistakes too but I’ve never done anything to try to take food out of your mouth or stop you from eating.’ To see how aggressive he is towards me makes me feel like, ‘Damn, are you trying to Ja Rule me, too?!”

The tension between Buck and 50 stretches back to 2008 when the former G-Unit rapper was expelled from the label. Over the years, Fif has accused Buck of owing him money while also calling the Tennessee native’s sexuality into question.

In response, Buck released several diss tracks aimed at 50 and blamed his former label boss for pushing him toward bankruptcy. He also claimed 50 Cent sent him a cease and desist letter when he tried to drop new music. 

Watch the interview below.

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