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50 Cent Questions Floyd Mayweather’s intelligence After Boxer Defends Diddy Unprovoked: “Is You Dumb” 

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50 Cent has reignited his feud with Floyd Mayweather. Despite appearing to backtrack on his trolling behavior after apologizing to those he offended, the G-Unit founder couldn’t resist weighing in on Floyd’s recent interview on The Pivot podcast where the retired boxer declined to condemn Diddy over accusations of sexual assault.

“I’m not gonna speak bad about P. Diddy,” Mayweather said. “‘Cause he still a Black man. Mistakes happen. And I can’t say if it is or not a mistake, but things happen in life. And P. Diddy’s business is P. Diddy’s business. It’s not my job or anybody else’s job to go on the internet and stomp him and kick a man while he’s down.

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“My take on it is: it’s not my business. I don’t think it’s right at all and I don’t condone it. Even if that happened to my daughter, I would be hurt but that’s a choice that my daughter made.”

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (February 21), 50 shared a video of Mayweather’s comments and questioned his intelligence. 

He wrote: “[palm on face emoji] they didn’t even ask him about this, Champ is you stupid or is you dumb? Get me the fuck out ya head, you sound like a hater.”

The “Power” creator also took yet another opportunity to mention that he has a documentary in the works about Diddy amid said sexual assault allegations. “DIDDY DO IT ? COMING soon,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Diddy has issued his first official filing refuting allegations that he trafficked a teenager across state lines  in 2003 to rape her alongside Harve Pierre and a third unidentified man.

“(Combs) never participated in, witnessed, or was or is presently aware of any misconduct, sexual or otherwise, relating to plaintiff in any circumstance whatsoever,” Combs’ 11-page answer filed in the Southern District of New York reads.

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The filing also raises concerns about the timing of the lawsuit and claims it was filed under an “unconstitutional” law, limiting Combs’ ability to defend himself fully and fairly.

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