Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Blueface Disses Black Women In New Post

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Blueface continues to clash with Chrisean Rock’s supporters on social media, which mostly comprises of Black women. The ‘Thotiana’ rapper has in the past accused them of being low-lifers amid their remarks about his toxic relationship with Rock, whom he shares a son with. 

During the Christmas holidays, Blueface took to Twitter to troll the women constantly in his business while accusing them of being “miserable.” He wrote, “My [Baby mama] got a 4 story house with an elevator for Christmas what did your [baby daddy] get you,” he wrote in one post, referring to the house he bought his fiancée Jaidyn Alexis. 

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“Bunch of single [baby mama’s] with no Christmas gift sounds miserable should have just got a dog b**** atleast he would have watched himself,” he added.

He returned to the social app on Wednesday (December 27) to double down on his opinions about Black women. 

“All black women would choose to be single moms on government assistance over any man that’s been scientifically proven before Blueface don’t blame me [laughing emoji].”

When a X user suggested his derogatory comments also applied to his mother, Blue was happy to throw her under the bus to score cheap points. “Karlissa especially,” he replied. 

See his posts below.

Karlissa is yet to respond to Blueface’s comments but she has threatened to launch an OnlyFans account on the rapper’s 27th birthday in January. 

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“I gotta roll this out for Johnathan’s birthday,” she said on Instagram live back in November. “You know I’m saying I gotta be consistent. I have to roll this OnlyFans out for my youngest child’s 27th or 26th birthday. You know I lose track — I ain’t that good of a mama. So this would be a good birthday present to roll out on January 20 I’m thinking.”

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes so that we can roll this out on January 20 for Johnathan birthday. So he can see his mama’s OnlyFans on his birthday.”

“Let’s show him how these whores do it. Ain’t that what he called me?” she added. “Show him and Dre how it’s done. Okay? Do it for the kids! I’ma do it for the kids. They wanna make jokes! We got a joke for that ass, baby. We gon’ put this OnlyFans up for them muthafuckas.”

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