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Drake Loses $250K After Jake Paul Defeats Nate Diaz

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Dallas, TX (August 6, 2023) – Drake lost $250,000 after Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in a boxing match on Saturday night. The Canadian native had placed a bet Friday night on Diaz, the former UFC lightweight title challenger, to hand Paul his second successive loss, but Paul won by unanimous decision.

In a post showing his bet slip, Drake acknowledged Paul’s prowess in the ring, calling him a “dog,” but admitted “I can never bet against a Diaz brother that’s just how I was raised.”

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This is the second time in recent months that Drake has lost a large sum of money betting on a fight involving Jake Paul. In February, the rapper lost $400,000 when he placed a bet on the YouTuber-turned-boxer to knock out Tommy Fury. However, Paul lost to Fury by split decision.

Drake is a big fan of UFC and boxing, and has been consistent in staking huge bets on the biggest fights in combat sports. He is also a brand ambassador for the online betting company Stake, and has often used his social media platform to promote the company through his bets.

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While his recent betting losses may be a setback, Drake is still one of the wealthiest rappers in the world. His net worth is estimated to be over $150 million, so he can certainly afford to lose a few hundred thousand dollars.

The fight between Paul and Diaz took place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, Saturday night (August 5). As noted above, Paul won by unanimous decision, surviving a late flurry from Diaz to earn 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 scorecards from the ringside judges.

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Paul’s victory over Diaz extended his professional boxing record to 7-1.

Paul’s victory over Diaz extended his professional boxing record to 7-1. In a post-fight interview, Paul praised Diaz’s resilience, calling him a “warrior.” 

“He’s tough,” Paul said after the fight. “He’s real tough, that’s what he’s known for. I knocked him down, won basically every round but he’s a warrior.”

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He also called for a rematch with Diaz in the cage. “I want to run it back in MMA,” Paul said. “I want $10 million, PFL, let’s run it back in MMA. MMA let’s do it.

“There’s a lot of names [in boxing]. Tommy Fury rematch, he won by a split decision. I’m going to try to get that back. I’m just happy with this win. I never expected to be here.”

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