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Drake Shares Positive Review For Lil Yachty’s ‘Let’s Start Here’

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Drake and Questlove praise Lil Yachty’s Let’s Start Here

As Lil Yachty’s new psychedelic album continues to get mixed reviews from fans and critics due to its rock influence. Drake has come out to throw his weight behind the album.

The 6 God showed support for his new best friend by reposting a review of Let’s Start Here by Tiktoker Tyler_enthusiast, who declared Lil Boat’s first studio album in nearly three years a “masterpiece” while giving it a 11/10 rating. The review also ranked the album’s 14-tracks in order of greatness.

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Earlier in the week vet hip hop artist Questlove also raved about the album. In a lengthy caption shared on his Instagram page, the Roots member said Yachty’s new album has him “hyped about music’s future.”

“I had to let 24 hours go by just so I could process this. Then I hesitated cause I didn’t wanna use hyperbole to naturally give the trolls ammo to hate it or to further evidence sort why my co-signs are whack,” he began.

“I dunno man: after about 3 listens (and I thought I’d NEVER say this—-& not because I didn’t expect this from Lil Yachty——but just in general I didn’t expect this from MUSIC) … this aptly titled #LetsStartHere lp might be the most surprising transition of any music career I’ve witnessed in a min, especially under the umbrella of hip hop … Sh-t like this (envelope pushing) got me hyped about music’s future.”

During a private listening event of the album, which was attended by Drake and Offset, Yachty said, “Think I created [Lets Start Here] because I really want to be taken seriously as an artist. Not just some Soundcloud rapper, not some mumble rapper, not some guy that just made one hit.”

He continued, adding “I wanted to be really taken serious because music is, like, everything to me. I respect all walks of music, not just rap and Hip Hop. Everything. So I think I wanted to make something to show the world just how great it was to me.”

His remarks about wanting to be taken seriously received mild backlash from internet users, who deemed his comments an intent to diminish rap. In response to a hip hop fan, the 25-year-old clarified his statement.

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“It’s not about respecting rap, it’s about being respected as more than a rapper,” Yachty wrote. “I create music in more than just that lane.”

Lil Yachty’s fifth studio album is projected to do 35,000 in it’s opening week. Initial projections were much lower, but the album saw an increase in streams after Drake and Questlove jumped on the wave.

What do you think of Let’s Start Here?

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