Monday, October 2, 2023
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Gunna’s Legal Team Shuts Down Snitching Allegations In New Statement

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While the internet continues to debate the circumstances surrounding Gunna’s recent plea deal and if it can be considered snitching. The legal team for the Atlanta rapper has put out another statement reiterating that Gunna did not snitch.

In response to an article by Jewel Wicker for Okayplayer, which examines the conversation surrounding Gunna’s Alford deal. The rapper’s lawyer Steve Sadow restates that his client has not cooperated in the YSL Rico case, and that his comments “cannot be used by the prosecution against Young Thug or any other defendant.”

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“After reading Ms. Wicker’s outstanding, insightful article, I am obliged to say for the record one more time: Gunna has never been interviewed by or cooperated with law enforcement or prosecutors in the RICO case. Nor have his attorneys proffered information on his behalf. What was said at his Alford plea hearing was solely to resolve his own case. It cannot be used by the prosecution against Young Thug or any defendant.”

As we previously reported, Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, was immediately under fire from industry peers and internet lawyers after a video of him distancing himself from “YSL the gang” surfaced online. The Pushin P rapper subsequently pleaded guilty to racketeering and gang charges, and was allowed to walk away with time served and 9 years probation.  

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Fans and rappers like Freddie Gibbs and Boosie Badazz labeled him a snitch and questioned the circumstances of his freedom, but Gunna noted in a statement released to the public that “ I have NOT made any statements, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case and have absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way.”

Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow also backed up his claims in a social media post shared on December 15. “Gunna did not snitch to get out of jail. He has said nothing and is not cooperating. His plea statement cannot be used in court against any other defendant. So please stop spreading lies!!!” Sadow wrote on his Instagram account.”

That still did not stop Boosie from labeling Gunna a “rat” on social media. “This would have put tears in my eyes, my brother, my artist like WTF I’m fighting for my life that I’m not running a gang /criminal enterprise N you do this to BigDog unknow it’s a gang … the guns and drugs not yours… Well who else was nthe car they can be for smh,” Boosie wrote on Twitter.

“He had one charge he wasn’t going to get hard time. These lawyers don’t give a damn about your legacy. They know what they doing to your name but they getting you out of jail so they name blows up then you gotta pay them more when you free n they made you cooperate. It’s a cold game,” he concluded. 

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