Young Thug’s Father Defends Gunna Amid Snitching Allegations 

While the internet continues to debate the circumstances surrounding Gunna’s Alford plea deal in the ongoing YSL RICO case and if it can be considered snitching, Young Thug’s father Jeffrey Williams Sr.  has come out to defend the rapper. 

In a new interview with Infamous Sylvia, Williams Sr. emphatically asserts that all allegations of snitching against Gunna are baseless, emphasizing that Gunna has not taken any action or made any statement that could jeopardize Thug’s case.

“I love Gunna,” he affirmed in response to a fan’s inquiry about his stance on the ‘Pushin P’ creator. “Gunna hasn’t done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case period.”

Watch the clip below.


Gunna, whose legal name is Sergio Kitchens, was arrested in June of the previous year alongside Young Thug and 26 others on RICO charges. However, he managed to avoid a lengthy sentence by entering into a pre-arranged plea agreement. Under the terms of the deal, his initial five-year sentence was reduced to time served, with an additional requirement of 500 hours of community service.

After regaining his freedom, the 30-year-old Georgia native clarified that his guilty plea did not entail providing information about fellow YSL members, countering claims from fans and fellow artists like Freddie Gibbs and Boosie Badazz who labeled him a snitch.

Gunna’s lawyer, Steve Sadow also backed up his claims in a social media post shared on December 15. “Gunna did not snitch to get out of jail. He has said nothing and is not cooperating. His plea statement cannot be used in court against any other defendant. So please stop spreading lies!!!” Sadow wrote on his Instagram account.”

Gunna appeared to admit later on that he had been deceived by the District Attorney and his legal team. In his track “Bread & Butter,” he raps, “Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em. On whatever you n-gas on, then trust Me, Ima stand on it. Lawyers and DA did some sneaky shit, I fell for it,” acknowledging that he will be more vigilant in the future. “On my Ps and Qs because, this time, I be prepared for it.”

Young Thug, who was arrested last year May remains incarcerated and is one of the eight defendants standing trial.

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