Kanye West Begs Nicki Minaj for “New Body” Clearance: “May I Call You?”

Kanye West’s rollout for his upcoming album “Vultures” has been anything but smooth. Between pushbacks and uncleared samples, the anticipated release date has become a moving target, leaving fans hungry for new music. Adding to the chaos, Kanye recently revealed on social media that one of the album’s standout tracks, “New Body” featuring Nicki Minaj, remains stuck in clearance purgatory.

The rapper took to Instagram, sharing a screenshot of a text message directly to Minaj: “Hi it’s Ye. May I call you about clearing new body on the album.” Whether Minaj responded or granted clearance remains unclear. However, this news comes on the heels of Kanye’s failed attempt to secure permission from The Backstreet Boys to sample their 1997 hit “Everybody” for another track on “Vultures.”

Originally slated for Kanye’s scrapped 2019 album “Yandhi,” “New Body” quickly became a fan favorite. Its infectious sound and the raw energy from both West and Minaj ignited a fervent desire for its official release. However, Kanye’s creative pivot towards the gospel-inspired “Jesus Is King” threw a wrench in the plans. Seeking to align the song with the new album’s theme, he reportedly requested Minaj to re-record her verse with religious imagery. This, according to Minaj, led to creative clashes, ultimately stalling the song’s progress.


Despite the impasse, hope flickered back in 2020 when Minaj expressed interest in revisiting the track. Last month, Kanye teased the song’s release further by leaking its official video on his YouTube page before quickly taking it down. He further fueled speculation by including “New Body” on the official “Vultures” tracklist and performing it during his recent Miami listening party.

While the fate of “Vultures” and “New Body” hangs in the balance, Playboi Carti has offered a brief distraction amidst the saga. The rapper 

recently dropped a new Kanye West produced song reportedly titled “2024.” You can watch the video below.

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