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Lil Durk Speaks On Gunna’s Plea Deal: ‘That Man Told’

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More than six months after Gunna took a plea deal in the YSL Rico case, The internet continues to debate the circumstances surrounding his conditioned release. While the Atlanta rapper and his lawyer maintain he did not cooperate in the case, stating he he only entered “a guilty plea to the one charge against me,” which he claims “is in my best interest.” There’s many others like Boosie that believes the 29-year-old betrayed Young Thug’s trust.

Although the snitching allegations had slowed down in 2023, it resumed this week after Lil Durk shared his thoughts on the subject. Speaking with Akademiks, Durkio believes Gunna sang like a bird. 

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“That man told. You should’ve went in there and kept your mouth closed. […] If you a rat, I fuckin hate you. Cause I love Thug.”

In the interview with Akademiks he also reveals why he hates rats. The “All My Life” rapper explains he hates snitches because someone ratted out his father’s cocaine distribution business and got him sentenced to life in prison. 

“So I really hate rats with a real passion.  If you a rat, I hate you bad.  Imma look to the camera.  I hate f-cking rats.  I hate all rats.  If you ever told you ever tell, I hate you.  Like with a passion. That took away half of my … that made me who I am today.  That took away half of my life, motherf-cker telling on my pops,” Durk explained.

Durk, who is set to release his new album “Almost Healed” next Friday previously took shots at Gunna on a song snippet shared on Instagram. 

“What happened to Virgil? He probably gon’ tell,” Durk raps. “I let him go because Timo ain’t selling / Thank 7 and Booka I’m bragging on Melvin / When lil boo and them mad it ain’t nothing you can tell ’em / I can tell you what I did for the streets / You got the paperwork, did it and reached / I got on Clubhouse and got in the beef.”

As part of his plea deal, Gunna admitted that YSL is a criminal gang that must end. He also attested in the plea deal that he was in a car with Young Thug when officers pulled them over and found hydrocodone, methamphetamine and a firearm inside. Not long after he regained his freedom, Boosie Badazz labeled him a “rat” in a social media post. 

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“Rat,” Boosie wrote along with three rat emojis and a cheese. “This would have put tears in my eyes, my brother, my artist like WTF I’m fighting for my life that I’m not running a gang /criminal enterprise N you do this to BigDog unknow it’s a gang … the guns and drugs not yours… Well who else was nthe car they can be for smh.” 

He continued, “he had one charge he wasn’t going to get hard time. These lawyers don’t give a damn about your legacy. They know what they doing to your name but they getting you out of jail so they name blows up then you gotta pay them more when you free n they made you cooperate. It’s a cold game,” he concluded. 

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