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NBA YoungBoy Kids: How Many Children Does NBA YoungBoy Have And What Are Their Names?

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All of NBA YoungBoy’s eight baby mamas and 10 kids.

Before officially settling down in January 2023, YoungBoy was linked with several women romantically, many of which he had seeds with. In this blog post, we’re going to find out how many kids NBA YoungBoy really has, and also dig a bit into the lives of his baby mommas. Keep reading for details.

NBA YoungBoy as of January 2023 has ten biological children by eight different women, including seven sons and three daughters. Two of his sons, Kayden and Kacey, appeared in the video for his single, “Kacey Talk.” In July 2018, YoungBoy confirmed that one of his sons, Kamron isn’t biologically his, but said he would raise the child as if he were his own. 

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“Wanna Be The First To Tell Yall I Officially Found Out Baby K Isn’t My Child, But The Man I Am I’m Going To Keep Raising Him Like He’s Mine I Can’t Lie It Hurt To Find Out The Truth But Life Goes On,” he wrote on Facebook. 

Many people praised his decision to raise Kamron as his own child, but Jania wasn’t happy about it.

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Names Of All NBA YoungBoy’s Known Children And Their Mothers 

Child NameBirth YearMother
Kamiri2017Starr Dejanee
Kacey2019Jania Bania
Kodi Capri2020Drea Symone
Kentrell Jr.2020Yaya Mayweather
Alice2021Jazlyn Mychelle.
Unknown2022Jazlyn Mychelle.

Kayden Gaulden

His oldest son, Kayden was born on July 4, 2016, in Los Angeles. Despite being just 16 at the time, YoungBoy spent a lot of time with Kayden and would feed him from a bottle himself. Kayden’s mother is Nisha Keller. Nisha gave birth to Kayden, whose nickname is Draco at the young age of 13. 

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Kayden Gaulden 

The photos of Kayden and his half-brothers are often shared by their grandmother Sherhonda.

Taylin Gaulden

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Taylin Gaulden Or TayTay

Taylin is the rapper’s second child and undeniably one of the most popular. He was born on March 19, 2017. His Black curly hair and large dark brown eyes have made him an early Instagram sensation as fans can’t get enough of his adorable looks. His mother is a woman named Trinia Nia, who is said to have experienced a one-night stand with YoungBoy. After a paternity test, it was confirmed that Taylin, or Tay Tay is the rapper’s son.

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