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NBA YoungBoy goes off on Lil Durk, DJ Akademiks and India Royale on Twitter

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NBA YoungBoy has responded to DJ Akademiks’ claims that he and Lil Durk have ended their years long feud. In a post shared on Twitter, the father of many called out Durk for seemingly co-signing the rumors as well as Akademiks for starting it.

“lildurk you a b-tch & yo nasty ass hoe and it’s shown and @Akademiks you a pure Fat hoe who mouth gone be the reason. you from now on (”invalid”),” YB tweeted from his burner account attached with what is seemingly the album cover of his newly announced LP Richest Opp dropping this Friday, May 12.

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He also claims Durk has no buzz and is only known for having dead friends.

“@lildurk lol you ever realized you only get a buzz when one of your friends die,” Top continued. “Think about it scary bum b-tch you know I ain’t lying ha ha #fact.”

He then turned his attention to Durk’s girlfriend, India Royale, telling her to inform the OTF leader not to drop his new album “Almost Healed” on Friday.

“@indiaroyaltyy tell that p-ssy b-tch he bet not drop he ain’t thang “pretty lady,””he tweeted.

While Durkio and India Royale have ignored the tweets, with Durk tweeting “IDK nun I ain’t seen nun,” seemingly in response to YB’s instigations. DJ Akademiks has fired back at the ‘Lonely Child’ rapper. The podcaster and streamer accused YB of using his name to generate buzz for his new album because his previous album sales have been low.

“Lol I never thought I see the day my homie diss me cuz his sales low,” Akademiks wrote. “This rap game is the devil lol. Youngboy I forgive u man. We can get them sales up otherwise …… lol. But ok. Capitol Records I blame u for this.. y’all pressuring YB to get some sales he doing anything [sad face emojis]. Get my boy off house arrest tho. YB the last rapper I thought would ever do some sh-t for sales. But damn. Go buy his album it drops Friday…. He’s tryna outsell Lil Durk. I still love him tho. Buy his project.”

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For the record, YoungBoy’s latest album “Don’t Try This At Home” did 60K copies in its opening week. A very impressive feat for the rapper who has released a lifetime worth of music in the span of two years.

YoungBoy, who is on house arrest in Utah, later clapped back at Akademiks, “you steady talking bout sales b-tch I’m paid you can’t manipulate me clown you embarrassing yourself,” he said. “Simple fact: i can’t be f-cked with that’s why I’m dropping. cause all you niggas hoes and I’m better.”

Both YoungBoy and Lil Durk seem destined to go head-to-head when their albums drop this Friday. Who you got?

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