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NBA YoungBoy Admits He’s ‘Not Big’ On Fatherhood Despite Having 11 Children 

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NBA YoungBoy is facing criticism after expressing conflicted feelings about fatherhood. Despite being a dad to 11 children, the 25-year-old admitted that he’s “not big” on the role.

The rapper’s mixed feelings about fatherhood came to light during an interview with Bootleg Kev. Impressed by YoungBoy’s interactions with his children during their encounter, Kev asked, “You’re a great father. How important is fatherhood to you?” YoungBoy’s response was surprising: “I’m not really big on it, to be honest.”

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Kev pressed further, “But you’re a family man… I’ve seen you with them.” YoungBoy clarified, “I’m only in here because you’re here. It’s a crazy topic. I’m not the type to sugarcoat things, but I’m stuck inside all day, every day. We bond a lot, but I’m mostly watching TV.”

Unsurprisingly, YoungBoy’s comments drew swift criticism, with many online questioning his choice to have so many children if fatherhood isn’t a priority. Critics pointed out the inconsistency between his large family and his lukewarm feelings towards fatherhood. “If you’re not big on it, why keep doing it?” one user asked.

NBA YoungBoy, who released his first album at 15 and became a father a year later, has fathered children with at least 8 different women. Currently, two of his youngest children live with him and his wife in Utah while on house arrest, while his other children reside with their mothers across different states.

Beyond the fatherhood controversy, the interview revealed other insightful glimpses into YoungBoy’s life. He openly discussed starting to smoke cigarettes at the tender age of seven, attributing it to observing a family member who fled the army. 

“I been smoking cigarettes since I was 7 years old,” he told Kev, while lighting another cig. “My god-dad, I think this n**** ran away from the army. You know how you get a home pass? And that motherfucker ran away to New Orleans because he didn’t wanna go back.”

YB continued to reflect on his earliest smoking memories: “I guess during the time as he was at the house, I used to be watching that n**** smoking cigarettes and every time he’d throw that bitch I’d go grab it [and smoke what was left].”

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In the interview, the “Bandit” rapper also said he hated home detention, which is taking a toll on his wife and children since he can’t go out or take them out.

“I’m not that strong. I cry a lot. I’m in a point where I know it’s okay,” he said while giving props to his wife for being there for him.

YoungBoy will learn his fate in the federal gun in the coming months, with the trial set to finally begin this summer.

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