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Offset Crowns Migos Second Greatest Rap Group Of All Time 

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Offset has expressed his opinion on Migos standing in hip-hop history.  In a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on his Club Shay Shay podcast, Offset ranked Migos as the second greatest rap group of all time, placing them just behind OutKast for their contributions to the Atlanta music scene and the broader hip-hop community.

“If I do just Atlanta, I’d give us two ‘cause you gotta respect OutKast,” Set said. “They kicked the door down for us down south. I mean, when it was a time where we weren’t even accepted. If you look at [Andre 3000], the way he was able to change his whole fashion sense and change his whole look and still be cool with the same people in the hood that he grew up with in Atlanta. They mean a lot to me.”

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When prompted by Sharpe about other influential hip-hop crews like Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A, and Run DMC, Offset stood firm in his ranking.

“I’m still going to stay at two ‘cause I’m going to put OutKast first, I’ma put us two, I’ma put Wu-Tang [three],” Offset explained. “Lox, I’ll give them four.”

While acknowledging the undeniable influence of pioneering groups like N.W.A and Run DMC, Offset admitted he’s young and “don’t really remember a whole lot about N.W.A.”

“But I do pay respects,” he added. “I ain’t no young head that’s like not knowing what’s going on. They kicked the doors down for us, even KRS-One. They gave us an opportunity to be here where we at right now so you gotta always pay respect.”

Offset’s comments naturally ignited debate among hip hop enthusiasts, with some agreeing with his assessment while others disagreed,

“Absolutely not,” one person commented under a repost by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram. “He thinks they are better than Wu Tang and NWA is wild.” Another person wrote, “Best and most influential, yes. You have to put Migos in top 3 for sure.” 

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A third person added, “he has to stay off the drugs. There is a long list of before we get to them. Wu Tang, OutKast, Threesix, Bone Thugs, Run DMC… Y’all get the point.” 

Undeterred by the criticism, Offset also jumped on the comments to defend his claims. 

“Numbers don’t lie or the culture check ‘em both actually culture wasn’t used in hip hop till we dropped the album culture.” 

Migos, consisting of Offset, Quavo, and the late Takeoff, gained prominence in 2013 with their breakout hit “Versace” and have since become synonymous with the modern trap sound.

Watch Quavo’s full interview with Shannon Sharpe below. 

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