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Why Was Kai Cenat Banned From Twitch?

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The streaming world was thrown into chaos this week when popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was abruptly banned from the platform. Fans and critics alike are now clamoring for answers.

Kai announced the suspension on social media writing “BANNED.” While it’s not exactly clear what led to the ban, lots of people are saying the removal was due to his reactions to the sneakers Kick sent him. KICK is a different streaming platform and twitch are so petty that you could get banned for promoting a competitor.

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Others believe Kai has signed a streaming deal with Kick and that the Kicks were his way of announcing or hinting at the deal. He was particularly unimpressed with the sneakers Twitch sent him to commemorate his achievement as the streamer with the most subs.

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The other possible reason for the ban is Lil Yachty’s alleged racist comments while streaming with Kai. People who watched the stream claimed Yachty said multiple things that could be considered racist towards white people.

A source close to the situation told Complex on Tuesday (April 18) the ban is “temporary” and was put in place following “repeated explicit simulated sexual activity in GTA over the weekend.”

At this time it’s all speculation and neither Twitch nor kai have publicly commented on the exact reason for the temporary ban

In reaction to the ban, DJ Akademiks, who previously had a contract with Twitch encouraged Kai Cenat to move on from Twitch and sign with either KICK or Rumble.

“Kai better take that $50 million from KICK or holla at rumble n stop playing,” he tweeted. “dis shit aint finna last forrever and u gotta force ppl to put sum respect on ur MF name.”

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It should be noted that this is not the first time Kai has been banned from Twitch. In fact, the platform is notorious for banning its top creators. Adin Ross, iShowSpeed and Sneako are some popular creators that have already been permanently removed from the platform.

Kai Cenat, 21 is the most popular name on Twitch and currently has the most subscribers on the website. Fans believe the ban, which could last a few days will hurt Twitch in the long run.

“Twitch are actually so bad at business. Kai Cenat was #1 most subbed creator – had his account banned and looking likely to sign with Kick. Ludwig was #1 most subbed previously – left Twitch and signed with YouTube because they understoof his vision better. Twitch in the mud,” one person tweeted.

“Why would they do that? Let the boy live,” said Nicki Minaj live on Queen radio on Monday. “Let the boy rock. Imma get dressed and imma get cute. And imma go on live with him. Let me see. Let me reach out to him!”

Kai Cenat previous bans included having weed and sexual content on the stream.

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