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Chrisean Rock Confirms She Gave Blueface A Black Eye 

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock never seem to make headlines for anything wholesome. There’s always some violence behind their every step (toxic or calculated?). I say calculated toxicity.

On Friday (Dec. 1) during one of the couple’s unprovoked IG live, Blueface bragged about his “heavyweight champion” girlfriend’s fighting abilities, claiming she’s undefeated in fights. “She’s 10-1. She 10-1 because she ain’t took my belt yet, she ain’t got the title from me, is that right?” Blueface asked to the disapproval of Chrisean Rock, who revealed she gave him two black eyes. 

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Around the three-minute mark, Rock held her phone up to the camera and showed off a photo of Blueface with two black eyes. “That’s why I beat you up,” she said. Blueface confirmed the altercation while commending himself for not hitting her back.

“I ate that like a fuckin’ snack and I didn’t hit you back,” he stated. “You literally hit me two times and I was looking at you like…that’s disrespectful.”

“If I hit you like that, you gon’ to bed, ya feel me?” he added.

The reality star’s attack on Blueface is apparently in retaliation to the ‘Thotiana’ rappers attack against her back in October, where he was seen on video hitting Chrisean multiple times. 

Shortly after their IG live session, Rock took to Twitter to gloat about her actions, writing  “pay back is a b-tch huh.” 

Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant With Blueface’s Baby?

Fans started speculating Chrisean Rock was pregnant after a video of the former D1 athlete rejecting alcohol from Blueface, while saying “I’m sick” surfaced online.

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In the video, which you can watch below, Blueface is seen taking a swig from a bottle of Hennessy before asking Rock, “B-tch take a shot,” to which she responds with “I’m really sick babe.”

Internet detectives allege Rock has to be pregnant because she never turns down alcohol.

Earlier a fake page on Facebook claiming to be Chrisean Rock announced she was pregnant. The reality star came out later to debunk the page but not the allegations. “I do not have a Facebook somebody pretending to be me,” she said. 

So is Chrisean Rock pregnant with Blueface’s child? At this time no one actually knows. Rock is seemingly having fun with the rumors so I suggest fans or interested parties wait for the couple to confirm or deny the news themselves.
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