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Is Chrisean Rock Blueface’s Girlfriend? Unknown Facts You Didn’t Know About Their Relationship

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Blueface Girlfriend – Chrisean Rock: Who Is She? Untold Story To Know About Her. Bio/Wiki, Career, Age, Net Worth & Family.

Chrisean Rock is best known for her toxic relationship with rapper Blueface. The two are notorious for their social media spats and public fallout. However, it turns out there’s much more to Chrisean than meets the eye. Keep reading to learn more about Blueface’s girlfriend.

Chrisean Rock Biography

Social media influencer and rapper Chrisean Malone, also known as Chrisean Rock, hails from West Baltimore in the United States. She was born on March 14, 2000, making her twenty-three years old. Rock had a troubled upbringing and opened up about her early traumas in a previous Fox 45 cover piece. Rock attended and graduated from Brainerd High School in her hometown, and was a promising D1 athlete. She lost her home around the age of 9 and was without a stable place to live for most of her childhood. Her skills on the track eventually brought her to California to pursue collegiate athletics.

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Despite growing up in poverty, Rock remained focused on the positive aspects of her life, and her desire to win led her to compete in Fox News Channel’s Ultimate Tag game show where she took home the $10,000 prize. She signed to Blueface’s record label in 2020 and has since gone on to build a formidable bond with the rapper. To this point, Chrisean Rock has maintained a career in the entertainment industry as an influencer, reality star, and musician.

Chrisean Rock’s Athletic Career

In a ShadeRoom interview, she explained that she used to be a D1 athlete and was a track star. She also explains how she started running track, and that she was training for the Junior Olympics

“I was in the junior Olympics, but I started training when I was 12, or 11, or something. My big brother put me in it, and then junior Olympics until I was 17.” Rock explained.

“I had an opportunity to go D1, but then I ended up going to a two-year college, which was in Northern Cali” She finished.

Facts About Chrisean Rock

She Was Homeless

Chrisean told Fox 45 in a cover piece that she became homeless at the age of 9. She stayed with friends and other family members during the time her mother was battling with domestic violence before finding a new place to stay. The love and support she received from coaches, friends, and her school kept her on the right path.

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She Has Had Three Abortions

Chrisean Rock revealed in an interview with Bluegirls Club that she has had three abortions in the past. “If I have a baby I’m keeping this time. I killed like 3 of them,” she said.

Though it’s not clear if the killed fetuses were Blueface’s, she says she’s ready to finally have a baby, “but I need a ring,” she admitted.


Chrisean Rock has several Blueface tattoos on her body, including a giant portrait of the rapper’s face across her neck.


Chrisean Rock Age – How Old Is She?

She was born on March 14, 2000, making her 23 years old. Her birthplace was West Baltimore. Additionally, Pisces is the artist’s solar sign. Rock attended Santa Monica College in California and was among the top track runners at her conference.

How Many Siblings Does Chrisean Have?

Chrisean is the eleventh child of twelve siblings. She doesn’t speak publicly about her brothers and sisters, but we do know her father was in prison for much of her childhood, and her mother struggled to keep a home while battling drug addiction. Chrisean practically raised herself.

“As a young, black, beautiful woman, I am a survivor,” Chrisean says. “Since I didn’t have the childhood I should’ve had, then I can have the future that I deserve.”

What Is Chrisean Rock’s Height?

After thorough research, we learned that Chrisean Rock is 5ft 5 inches tall.

When Did Chrisean Rock Meet Blueface?

Rock met Blueface on “Blue Girls Club” – a reality series where women lived in his house for a month straight. Chrisean was a starring contestant on the show.

When did Blueface and Chrisean Rock start dating?

The terms of Rock’s relationship with Blueface are mostly unknown. But speculatively speaking, the two became an item back in 2021 when Rock got his name tattooed on her face. In August of 2022, Chrisean Rock announced on Twitter that the West Coast rapper had asked her to be his official girlfriend. “He officially asked me to be his girlfriend today,” she declared. “Save the date August 10th 2022.”

When Was Chrisean Malone Jr. Born?

On Sept. 3, Chrisean Rock gave birth to her baby with Blueface. The reality TV star named her and Blueface’s son after herself. The Baltimore rhymer’s full name is Chrisean Malone. Blueface wasn’t present during Chrisean Malone Jr.’s birth.

How Did Chrisean Rock Lose Her Front Tooth

The Maryland native got it knocked out during a brawl with Jaidyn Alexis (the mother of Blueface’s son) on Blueface’s Onlyfans reality show, Blue Girls Club. According to Chrisean, her mouth bumped into the ground, which made the tooth fallout

Did Chrisean Rock Fix Her Teeth?

Chrisean Rock replaced her gap tooth, which had become a key part of her appearance with a new tooth implant featuring Blueface’s mug. She apparently made the gesture in an effort to repair her on-again, off-again relationship with the Thotiana rapper. However, Blueface made her take it back out because he preferred her smile with the signature gap.

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When Did Blueface Sign Chrisean Rock To His Label

Blueface signed Chrisean Rock to his record label Blueface LLC back in 2020. Shortly after, the duo released her first single “Lonely” which has garnered over 1.2 million views on Youtube.

Does Chrisean Rock Have An Instagram?

She does, indeed. The up-and-coming rapper is fairly active on Instagram, where her profile has over 1 million followers. On her Instagram profile, she comes out as nice, friendly, calm, and outgoing. Follow her Chriseanchriseanchrisean.

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