Chrisean Rock Reveals Plans To Rename Son After Blueface

Chrisean Rock recently shared her excitement about moving into her first home, a spacious 5-bedroom, 6-bath property. Overwhelmed with emotion, the 23-year old new mom expressed her joy, saying, “I got my first key. Somewhere I can call home and never get kicked out of. I’m shaking.”

In an unexpected turn of events, the reality star revealed her plan to change her son’s name. Initially named Chrisean Jr. after herself, she now intends to name him Johnathan Jamal Porter, after his father, Blueface

Despite their differences, she assured her followers that Blueface is a devoted father, “He is not a deadbeat and he’s not going to abandon us. In a perfect world, he would be named after his father,” Rock said. 

Elaborating on her choice, the Baddies alumna stated, “Yes, I’m changing his name. I gotta accept it, too. I was f——ng with Chrisean Malone but then I realized Malone is not… It’s not about to be that. I’m changing it y’all. Guess what I’m changing it to? His daddy name!”


Responding to comments, she defended her decision, saying, “everything I do don’t make sense but it make sense for me… I want [his name] to be Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr.” Chrisean explained, “[Blueface] has two sons but he don’t got a junior yet. I don’t like it. I don’t like it like that. It’s kind of mean. I’m telling you, I can’t stay mean forever. I’m a very forgiving person. Plus, that’s my baby daddy.”

Chrisean Rock’s decision to change the baby’s name comes after Blueface finally took time off to meet his son. She also revealed she had signed with the “Thotiana” rapper’s new label Milf Music while filming a video for his new song “Baby Momma Drama.” 

Rock recently explained her decision to reconnect with Blueface who previously questioned her mental capabilities. In a candid post shared on X (formerly Twitter), she stated her intention to confront Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface’s other baby mama. “I asked Blue [to] let me run my fade. He said everybody gotta agree. She scared [for real], so I’ma just pull up so they can meet my son, f—k the fade for now.”

She added, “I got peace… my son good… don’t need for nothing but me [and] Blue love each other so much we purposely hurt each other because we became toxic [as f—k]. I woke up today [and] I’m not toxic. I’m someone’s mom [and] my baby daddy gotta grow up [because I had to grow] up. [And] Jaidyn gotta be mature.”

Meanwhile, Rock celebrated her new home boasting 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, a basketball court, and a pool. “I’m proud [as f—k, For real],” she shared, “5 bedroom 6 bath house with a basketball court and pool. DATTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSS BIG ROCKKKK NOT THE LITTLE ONE … whoop whoop. Now Chrisean Jr. and I can just be peacefully happy.”

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