Debunking Music’s Biggest Myths

This piece of advice takes home the crown as perhaps the most freely given piece of advice about the music industry since the dawn of time itself. Everyone who claims to know their onions about the music industry says this to sound intelligent. Really. Why? Because it’s readily agreeable with. After all, there are 7 billion people on earth. God knows how many out there are making music and you could easily agree cause you only get to see a handful out of these multitude on TV, radio or your preferred platforms. 

So it seems to the average listener that everyone is in a race to get on radio as he neglects the fact that access to enjoyable live performances may be limited in society and that in turn hinders an artist who performs better on stage.

Quite a myopic outlook if you ask me.

As a musical creative you need to punch holes in this concept by adopting the mindset that there can never be enough music in the world as we know it.  As long as we keep creating and listening to music, there are movies to be made, commercials for products not yet in existence, boring banking halls, video games … (feel free to add instances here) They all make use of music. Making music with this in mind opens doors to opportunities others may not have thought about.


Catalogs of newly discovered and unreleased music by legends who have passed on are being made available much to the excitement of hardcore fans and the general public. Overtime these popular songs become classics and  special dedicated classic music platforms keep the music alive just as new songs are being released everyday. 

A continuous cycle for timeless music.

You may live on the premise that only mainstream artists get this privilege but the term “mainstream artist” is a mirage as well. Artists who are established in the music industry today have built their brands consistently overtime. I’m certain if we were told a decade ago that Chance [The Rapper] was going to have this amount of success we’d have laughed it off. The rule that changed that wasn’t even in existence then. Visionary artists look for ways to stand out and maneuver obstacles while the rest stay stuck in the times, afraid to take chances.

Pun f#%k=!g intended.

Why then the general belief that the music industry is saturated? Because, people say it is. That’s it.

You know what they say about telling a lie so much you actually start to believe it. Exactly.

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