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DJ Akademiks and Chrisean Rock Get Into Heated Argument On Instagram 

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Chrisean Rock has confronted Akademiks for repeatedly broadcasting his criticisms of her, and challenged him to get in the ring with Blueface.

DJ Akademiks joined the Zeus Network for an Instagram Live stream on Tuesday (August 29), during which Chrisean Rock called in to confront the clout chasing podcaster for constantly broadcasting criticisms of her. “F##k you’re fat ass,” she said. “You gonna get in the ring and get F####d up.”

In return, Akademiks criticized her behavior, given her pregnancy. “I can’t co-sign a woman who’s pregnant, who’s supposed to be full of joy and love, actin’ the way you do.”

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The conversation then escalated as Chrisean defended herself, explaining, “I wasn’t acting shit. I just pull up for the event, I get paid to Pull up, that’s it. People get shit thrown at them all the time, that’s what comes with being a star,” Rock stated.

Akademiks accused Chrisean of using her relationship with Blueface to boost her own career at his expense. She dismissed his comments, accusing him of flip-flopping his stance on her and Blueface.

“If this n###a don’t f#####g pick a side. One minute he’s talking shit about me, one minute he’s talking shit about Blue, one minute he’s taking up for Blue. He always has something to say.”

Watch the clip below. 

Blueface had also previously challenged DJ Akademiks to a fight earlier in the year, igniting their feud. The feud had started with Twitter shots about each other’s careers and financial struggles. Blueface further stoked the flames by calling out DJ Akademiks during a No Jumper interview.

In response, DJ Akademiks claimed Blueface’s house was in pre-foreclosure, leading to a dispute about finances. Blueface explained that his lender was trying to repossess the property due to excessive calls to the police. The feud included jabs about income sources and job legitimacy.

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Meanwhile, amidst the drama, Chrisean Rock and Blueface are expecting a child. In an episode of Crazy in Love, they discussed their forthcoming baby, revealing it’s a boy.

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