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Chrisean Rock Explains Why She Can’t Move On From Blueface 

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Fans dragged Chrisean Rock on social media after the reality star led a “Free Blueface” chant during a concert over the weekend. The controversial rapper is currently being held in L.A. County Jail for violating his probation in his 2021 assault case.

Addressing the backlash that accompanied her decision to advocate for his release, Rock hopped on Instagram live to explain why she can’t “move on” from the father of her child.

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“The week before the n**** was locked up, we had so much fucking fun together. That shit was so fun,” she said. “It’s, like, best friend type vibes. Nobody else can understand but us type sh*t.”

Despite initially thinking she could easily move on, Chrisean revealed the challenge, alluding to Blueface’s abrupt change in behavior.

“I thought when he went to jail, I was just going to be like, ‘Alright, cool, great.’ But then, I ain’t going to hold you… you see how I try move on and sh*t.”

She continued: “One thing about it is, I don’t want to talk up too bad on what happened. Long story short, you know how you just fall back. He changed in two seconds. Hell yeah, huh? On God, huh?”

Chrisean then referenced a viral video in which she and Blueface are seen having a heated argument. She claimed the “Thotiana” rapper asked her a pivotal question during the argument: “You finna be outside, or you finna be my b*tch?”

Seemingly giving her answer to that question, Rock revealed she and Blueface have been engaged in lengthy phone conversations every night since the rapper’s incarceration earlier this month.

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Last summer, Chrisean Rock hinted at a fresh start, suggesting she had moved on from Blueface who she dated for three years. Expressing anticipation for her future love life, she declared on X (formerly Twitter), “Da next n*** I show y’all finna be da n**** I marry. I love my space. I love my peace. I love me. I’m not pressed to show if I moved on. I’m excited to show my growth and new blessings.”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s off-and-on toxic relationship appeared to conclude in October when Blueface proposed to his other baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, during a Los Angeles Rams game. Blueface later admitted he only proposed to make Alexis happy and that he did not see her as wife material.”

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